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Mother's Day

We started celebrating Mother's Day on Saturday. My parents live about 2 miles away from my house and I am so grateful I get to celebrate this holiday with her. I gave my mom two frames with quotes about a mom(you can find the free printable a few posts back on my blog) and also this beautiful wallet from MZ Wallace in blue which is her favorite color.

Along with the wallet for my mom, MZ Wallace sent me this handbag in gold/silver sparkle linen for Mother's Day which was so sweet and thoughtful of them. I chose this bag because it's a classic style and the gold/silver hue matches with anything. Thank you MZ Wallace!

Saturday lunch we took my parents out to dinner. 

My 1st grader drew a picture of me. It looks just like me, doesn't it? ;)

I woke up on Mother's Day to breakfast in bed with handmade cards & chocolates.

And that awkward moment when you're minding your own business & preparing to teach the Young Women at church while sitting in the halls eating a cookie, when a lady walks by and while laughing hysterically says to you, "Oh my gosh, you're just the funniest person ever, every time I see you, you're eating something! What is that? You have a WHOLE bag of cookies! You always have snacks with you every Sunday and eat it during class and sacrament!" I had nothing to say to that so I gave her a cookie....

Then a couple weeks ago I posted this on my FB:

so Jay made me elotes for dinner on Mother's Day! How sweet and thoughtful was that? 

We had my parents over too and Jay made steamed crabs, me and my mom's favorite. For dessert we ate cheesecake with fresh berries.

Every year when Mother's Day approaches, I think of the women who can't conceive or something's stopping them from having a child and it makes me sad. It must be a hard holiday for these women. So for me, Mother's Day is about celebrating ALL women who are nurturers, who lead others, who befriends others, who helps others. So I hope all of you had a wonderful Mother's Day.


Staycation in Park City

We stayed in Park City for Spring break, which seems to have become an annual tradition for us.  Park City is about 40 miles away from our home and it's beautiful there so we keep coming back to this place!

We stayed at The Montage hotel for 4 days which is our favorite hotel we've ever stayed at. The girls were so excited and kept asking when we were going to go to the "fancy hotel and go swimming". 

#1 reason they love The Montage: they each get to pick out a stuffed doll upon entrance to the hotel.

#2: They always make us feel like royals with their welcome treats. Their chocolate chip cookies are the best cookies I've ever had, I really wanted to ask them if they could give me the recipe.

#3: how cute is this handmade sign they make for us each time we come?

#4: the girls love the mini-bath robes they have hanging in the bathroom for them.

#5: The pool. Look at this gorgeous pool, enough said.

We ate at The Brass Tag and it was so delicious, I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone visiting Park City. Every item we ordered was excellent and Jay and I are pretty hard to please and a harsh critique when it comes to restaurants. But they passed with high scores and we are pretty sure we will go there every time we take a staycation there. My favorites were Steamed Mussels, Brick Oven Shrimp Skillet, Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Bacon. 

We rode the ski lift the next day, we would have loved to go skiing but our 20 month old son was too small! Maybe next year we'll all get to ride down the slopes. I was itching to go skiing seeing the beautiful scenery and the other skiers ride.

One, two three.... and my boots disappear! 

We got our snow boots from Sketchers, my oldest daughter and I matching in our snow boots! I got the kid size since my feet are small(embarrassing but one benefit of having small feet!) and I took off the pink ribbons around the fur and viola! Adorable snow boots for me!

#6: there's a bowling alley inside the hotel! 

Do any of you watch the Real Housewives? It's been awhile since I watched the show but can you name this celebrity? 

 #7: s'mores! Marshmallows of all kinds. The kids were in heaven. They have s'more night every night at The Montage and it's open to everyone, and not just the guests! So make sure to go there for S'mores and hot chocolate if you are ever in town.

And the terrible two's are starting...  Good thing two is one of my favorite age and they're so dang cute they make up for it with their cuteness.

On our drive back home. Growing up in Utah I always thought there was nothing to do here, it's so boring here, but in actuality there are so many things to do here! We can go camping literally 10  mins. away from our home, the lake is 20 mins. away, we can go hiking and see water falls, bike trails, skiing, rock climbing, camping, there are so many outdoor things to do. My husband and I decided we should take advantage of living in UT while we are here so we will be going on more adventures in UT this Summer, I can't wait!


A bad mom moment

This is a picture of my sweet little baby girl who is now 6 yrs. old.  Today she fell while running in the house and started to cry because she was hurt. I usually always drop whatever I am doing and run to her to kiss her boo boo and cuddle her but not today, I'm ashamed to say. All because I was blogging and/or answering emails. I just asked her if she was okay while sitting in front of my computer on my chair. So stupid.

Then later my son and I went on a scooter ride, when he fell and started to cry so I immediately ran to him and hugged him and kissed his boo boo. Then it reminded me of how earlier today I didn't do the same with my girl. Feeling like a failure and a bad mom, as I tucked her in at bedtime, I cuddled her and said to her, "Remember when you fell earlier today and I didn't come to you to hug you and make you feel better?" I wasn't done talking but she started to bawl. It was those really deep cries where I could tell it was a deep hurt I had caused her that she had buried and it all came out when I brought it up and acknowledged her feelings. I hugged her tighter and while I gave her hundreds of kisses I promised her that I would never do that again. That I would stop whatever I am doing and I will always come to her to hug her and to kiss her boo boo. We promise kissed and we talked a little more and laughed at the funny things that happened today and I left her room as I wished her a sweet dream.

My sweet darling girl, I will always come to you no matter what I am doing. Nothing is more important than you and I am sorry my actions didn't convey it today. I will come to you every time you get hurt from now on. That is my promise to you.

Have you had a bad mom moment lately? It always makes you feel better when you realize you're not the only one, doesn't it? ;)
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