Easter weekend

Every year I research and plan accordingly so that we could go to as many Easter egg hunts as we can because the girls love it so much.  This year we were able to go to 5 Easter egg hunts!  After the hunt is over, I have the girls walk around and share with the other kids who are sad or crying because they didn't get many eggs.  The first hunt started on Friday at Nu Skin.
my outfit detail: shirt | pants: at a local inventory sale(for $5!) | gold flats: romwe| diaper bag 
then the girls wanted frozen yogurt at the Nu Skin cafe.
Aiden eating his yogurt melts since he couldn't have any frozen yogurt.
then we went to the Lehi Legacy Center for their egg ball drop.
On saturday we went to #3 Easter egg hunt at BYU fields.
then #4, at Orem.
#5 we went to the Spring Festival where they had many games and activities for the kids as well as Easter eggs.

then on Sunday we went to church and the kids woke up to some Easter goodies from the Easter bunny.
Have I told you I'm doing the whole30?  Well, I am and the Easter bunny didn't give me ANYTHING since I'm doing whole30!  So I ate my frozen banana popsicle while the girls ate all their candy.  Who likes creamy, thick, smooth, sweet, melt-in-your mouth cadbury eggs anyway?  Disgusting! (They're so disgusting I bought 3 bags that I hid from ma husband and ma kidz so I can eat them all by myself after my whole30, shhh.) 
Aiden was happy with his toy!
Ana's teacher from church made this cute treat for the class, isn't it adorable?
then the girls wanted to throw an Easter egg hunt for me and Jay since I told her I've never been to one as a little girl.  So they stuffed the eggs with all their candy and also invited the neighborhood kids over(because the kids told the girls they didn't get to go to any).  I thought it was the sweetest thing and as a mother, moments like these are what you live for.  
they even put "a golden egg" ticket in one of the eggs and gave a surprise gift! our neighborhood boy found the golden egg and he received a fun dip. :)
outfit detail: green lace tunic | leggings: ?(old)

We finished our Easter weekend with some bingo!  Hope you had a great weekend!


Easter Sunday Best

Her outfit: Mint blouse: H&M | Skirt | color-block wedges: Romwe
His outfit: Mint suspenders & bow-ties | white shirt: gifted | bunny pants: gifted

I planned on dressing him in a tan color suit with the mint suspenders & bow ties for church on Easter Sunday but Jay insisted he wear these pants because, "It's the only day of the year he can wear these pants to church!"  So white bunny pants it was.  He looked like a cute little bunny, and I can't get over how cute the bum is on those pants!  I know it's meant to look like a bunny tail but it just looks like white gas(a.k.a fart) to me.  Haha!  I love it!


Date with my daughter

My oldest daughter and I went on a mother-daughter date to Gloria's Little Italy.  She got to pick out the desserts of her choice and I listened to her talk about everything that's going on in her life.  She gets so excited to have one on one time with me and talks the whole time.  Seriously, she doesn't stop talking.  And when she talks, she's really loud because she's so excited.  And I love it.

When we parked and was walking to the restaurant, she saw this sign for the play and immediately exclaimed, "Mommy, mommy!  Can we go see this show with the naked man with diapers?"  She thought it was the funniest thing.  I told her no so on our way back to the car, she demanded that I take a picture of it so we can go show daddy so she can ask him if he would take her to go see the show.  And everyday since whenever we pass by the street, she asks me to go drive by the "naked man with diapers" and starts cracking up.  She makes my life so much more fun.  I cannot imagine my life without my little boo.