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Sunday Best

I'm so in love with my daughter's outfit, how about you?  I had to bribe my daughter with an Oreo in order for her to keep her hat on at church.  As for me, these pictures are from when I was featured in the Brahmin Fall 2013 catalogue.  They sent me a few bags for me to style in my own way before sending it back to them which was a fun experience and I got to choose a few bags of my choice to keep in return.  I wore this same exact outfit to church and I even had Jay take pictures but let's be honest, the pictures sucked.  Not because of Jay but because my poses were just way too cheesy.  Haha!  So I'm posting these pictures instead. 


Big Hero 6 birthday party

For Ana's 6th birthday party, I thought it'd be cool to throw a Big Hero 6 birthday party and call it the Big Hero Ana 6 Party instead!  I just loved throwing this party. This post has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. As always, all opinions are mine alone. #BigHero6Release #CollectiveBias

Big Hero 6 Party Ideas

Big Hero 6 Party Ideas

Big Hero 6 Party Ideas
Big Hero 6 Party Ideas

Big Hero 6 Party Ideas
Big Hero 6 Party Ideas
Big Hero 6 Party Ideas

Big Hero 6 Party Ideas

my kids love this Baymax toy!  It talks and the stomach lights up like a projecter screen.  do you like how my girl even made him a little crown for the party?  see all the other cute Big Hero 6 toy options at Walmart

I was able to purchase most of the food, party supplies & the Big Hero 6 DVD/Blu-Ray at Walmart, included with the purchase of the Big Hero 6 Blu-Ray/DVD + Gift is the digital movie on Vudu while supplies last! Simply scan your receipt using the Savings Catcher in the Walmart app. Then look for a message on your phone or email. Now you can watch Big Hero 6 on any device.

My girl Ana told me this party was her favorite birthday party I've thrown for her yet!  We started the party with watching Big Hero 6 as we waited for all the guests to arrive.  We then ate delicious foods such as Aunt Cass's chicken wings, Honey Lemon drink, Wasabi peas, Baymax cupcakes, and more.  After we ate, we learned how to draw Baymax and all the kids did a pretty good job!  We then made Honey Lemon's chemistry concoction, oobleck which is corn starch, water & food coloring.  This was the kids's favorite thing, one kid even yelled out, "Today is the funnest day of my life!"  It was a huge hit.  We finished the party with eating cheesecake which is Ana's favorite dessert, then opened presents.  

  • Food labels, Baymax eyes, Baymax banners, cupcake toppers and tons more here
  • How to draw Baymax printout here
  • Big Hero 6 science experiments here
  • Wasabi peas recipe here

Big Hero 6 Oobleck Recipe

Oobleck recipe:

1 C. water
1 1/2 C. corn starch
food coloring

Mix the water and the corn starch.  Add drops of food coloring of your choice, as much as you desire.

Mother's Life

{Hello everyone!  I feel like I've been busy on Instagram where I post almost daily and while I love Instagram, I love blogging too because I always have the hardest time choosing just one picture for Instagram!  On here, I can post as many dang pictures as I want to, hence all these pictures.}

On Sunday morning while we were still in our pajamas with bed hair, it looked like I'd have about an hour to sew, so I got excited and was about to start sewing when my daughter asked me if I could teach her to make a pillowcase.  I had let her pick out a fabric from the fabric store several weeks prior, with the promise that I'd teach her to make a pillowcase.  I immediately said yes of course, and then as we were trying to find her sewing machine, the thread, getting set up, I let out a sigh and said to Jay when I wasn't near my daughter, "Ugh, I just wanted to sew for myself.  Now, I won't get to.  The story of my life."  Then as I thought more and seeing how excited Adi was, I decided to shift my attitude and decide to be just as happy and excited as she was.  While I didn't get to sew and I probably won't get a chance to until next weekend, I was able to spend time with my girl and bond with her and have a priceless moment.  I also thought, "If I were to die tomorrow and today was my last day to live, I wouldn't want to do anything else right now, I'd want to sew with my daughter."  I'm a nerd and that's been my motto for me lately, since my goal lately is to spend each moment with the greater meaning and purpose and avoid being idle and do things that build up the kingdom of God instead of spending too much time on Instagram or checking my e-mails.

Anyway, so I had so much fun teaching my daughter to sew a pillowcase and she was so proud of it!  

I knew my daughter had something going on when she threaded(correctly) the sewing machine all by herself when she was 6 and designed/cut and sewed a bib-style halter top for her cousin.  I asked her, "How did you thread the machine? you have never seen me thread it and I never showed you how!" she said to me, "I just followed the arrows, it was easy!"  

And right when I started taking pictures of my daughter with her pillowcase, guess who decided to join in and steal her thunder and pretend like he was the one that made the pillowcase. ;)

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