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5-min. Alterations: tailor a bigger size dress in less than 5 mins.

5 minute alterations: tailor a bigger size dress in less than 5 mins.

I am starting a series called "5-minute alterations" that are super quick and simple! I alter about 60% of my clothes to make it more flattering to my body shape and it's usually done 30 minutes before I am about to wear that certain piece of clothing, so these are probably not what a seamstress would do if you were to take it to a tailoring shop but it's more of a shortcut, and it works and looks great. A simple tailoring can make a huge difference and make the clothing look way more flattering but also way more expensive!


If you want the sleeves to look more finished, I would recommend cutting off the sleeves and hemming it. But if you only have 5 minutes to make the dress more flattering, just fold it! Plus, you can unfold and wear it as the original. 


What you'll need:
-An oversized  dress
-matching thread
-needle or sewing machine

1. Put on the dress to see how many inches you need to take in on both sides.
2. Turn the dress inside out. 
3. Starting at the seam right at the top of the side of the dress, take in however many inches you need, stopping at the waist.
4. Fold the sleeves once.

Estimated time: 5 minutes
Budget: FREE
Skill level: Very beginner

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Sunday Best

Dress: BCBG | Heels: H&M | Bag: Kate Spade 

Do you notice my hair is a little different? I recently got my hair dyed & got the keratine straightening treatment at Pureza Salon & Medi Spa. The picture below is right after my straightening treatment.

I wanted this treatment not for the straightening effect but for shine and while my hair is straighter and less frizzy, I would say my hair's only about 10% shinier than before the treatment? So if you are looking to get a Keratine straightening treatment mainly for the shine, I wouldn't recommend it. But if you have curly hair or wavy hair and want your hair straighter and less frizzy, I say go for it!

Pureza Salon & Medi Spa also pampered me with their Pureza Signature Facial and that one I would do again! It felt so relaxing and my skin felt smooth and glowing afterwards. The facial provides a thorough cleanse, followed by extractions and then layer upon layer of anti aging and fruit enzyme exfoliation to rejuvenate pores and firm the skin. I wished the shoulder and the neck massage was longer, it was only for about a minute or two but I might just request that next time. :)

Thank you Pureza Spa for letting me have my me-time! I don't get to pamper myself often but what mother doesn't need a little pampering now and then? ;)


Making new girlfriends is just like dating

Do you have a hard time finding friends who you truly connect with? I do. I mean, I like everyone and I can get along with everyone, but I feel like it's hard to find a friend who I truly connect with, like my soulmate that's a girl. Now that I am typing this, I guess it makes sense that it's hard to find one since soulmates are hard to find and you're lucky if you find one in your lifetime! Haha. There's a new show I came across last week when I ran out of all my tivo'ed shows(especially since it's Summer and most shows won't start until this coming Fall, cry me a river!), and it was just a preview and I thought it was pretty funny so I watched one episode and it passed. So I've been watching it every week, it's called Odd Mom Out. I mean, it's not like the best show ever in the history of television but it's pretty funny and I can relate so much as a mother.

Anyway, it's a show about a mom with 2 kids living in NY who deals with a snobby MIL and SIL and not feeling like she fits in. There's one episode where she meets another mom and they instantly bond and they decide to go out to dinner together and it ends up being a disaster. It supports what I always say to people that making new friends is just like dating! You come home after hanging out with someone for the first time and you think to yourself, "Did I talk too much? Did I not talk enough? Was I funny enough? Does she like me? Will she want to hang out with me again?" It's when you've hung out 4-5 times when you can now relax and be like, "Okay, she likes me. I think it's safe to say we are official now. Officially friends." And it's a lot of work to make friends and keep friends! You need to make sure to let them know that you care about them, that you are thinking of them, initiate hang outs, you need to cultivate the relationship or it kind of fizzles out. I mean, unless you've been friends for forever, then you can relax more and know that they'll always be your friend no matter what. 

And I am not sure if I am just being a spoiled brat or feeling entitled, but if I consider you one of my best friends, you also have to feel the same way about me. If I consider you my best friend, you better consider me your best friend too! Is that bratty? No, right? Because making new friends is just like dating, so heck yes, it has to be reciprocated! 

Lately, I feel like I don't have that many friends. Most of my best friends have moved away from me and no longer live in UT. One of them live in Salt Lake and we hardly get together because of the 40 miles distance and each of us having 3 little kids who we chauffeur and can't find the time to meet up in between all our kids' activities. Then the weekends come and we are busy doing our own things and spending time with our husbands and the kids. I play phone tag constantly with my girlfriends because when I call them, it's a bad time for them and vice versa. It's not like motherhood is a scheduled job, it's constant and there are always surprise accidents, cries, fights, or messes to clean up. I feel like everyone else has best friends already and are not looking for new best friends.  Like everyone is already comfortable where they're at in the friendship department and not out and looking for a relationship. And I am not the person to just be friends with 100 people on a semi-surface level, I'd rather have 1 true friend who I can count on and rely on, just as much as they do with me. 

So I've been trying to get out of my comfort zone and making an effort to make new friends. Or be closer friends with some of the girls I already know. So does this mean I gotta play the game and make myself not too easy? Play hard to get? Haha, no, I am actually pretty forward(which is the opposite of how I was with boys, I had no game & never even talked to them first) with girls I want to get to know and become good friends with, I just straight up say to them, "I think you are so cool and I really like you. Can we hang out more?" It's worked great so far, you should try it! But just don't be creepy about it of course, use a little humor and sarcasm so you don't come off creepy. No one likes creepy stalkers! Well, unless you're a hot guy, I've always said if a guy likes you and is ugly, then he's labeled a stalker. If he's good looking, then he's not a stalker, you are flattered! Am I right or am I right?

So do you feel like you have enough friends? Or do you sometimes feel a like a loner like me? Or in the words of Mindy Kaling, is everyone hanging out without me?

*I was to write about any entertainment topics & tie it into my story and was not asked to mention Odd Mom Out. It's just a new show I came across on my Tivo and thought you might find the show funny too!
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