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Sunday Best & a giveaway with Shabby Apple

Chambray maxi dress

maxi dress

shabby apple maxi dress

I am running a giveaway on my Instagram page and also on here where a winner will win this chambray maxi dress from Shabby Apple. Isn't it adorable? Make sure to enter below and also go to my Instagram to get extra entries! 

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DIY: Make a Dress a Longer Length

Make a dress longer

I LOVE this lace dress. I'm sure you've noticed by now but I love lace and embroidery, it is so feminine and classy. But when I got it, it was too short to wear with my LDS garments. GAH!!! But I loved it so much so I went to the fabric store to see if there was any lace trim that was very similar in design and color with no luck. So I got another one of the same dress to use it to lengthen. I knew I could use the second dress I'd be cutting to make it into something, so I felt it was justified. But I would never purchase another of the same dress just to cut 3" of the bottom to lengthen the other dress and throw it away.


That one time I gave a stranger $10 to go buy Vienna sausages at Whole Foods

This pic is not taken that night but last month when I went grocery shopping there. No I did not get Vienna sausages. ;)

That one time 8 months ago my friend and I parked at Trolley Square in the dark evening near Whole Foods Market and right as I parked, I saw a man walking towards us through my side mirror. I locked the doors and looked through the mirror again and didn't see him and just when I breathed a sigh of relief there was a tap on the window on the passenger side where my friend was sitting. We look over and we jumped a little bit as we saw the man telling us to open the door. My friend said to me frantically, "Sarah! Just drive away. Just drive away right now!" I said to her, "But he's talking to us.... It's rude to just drive away.....?" and I opened a tiny, tiny crack on the window as my friend just looked at me like what the heck are you doing. 

I said to him, "Yes?" and he said to us, "I just got out from the hospital(pointing to his hospital bracelet), my wife and I got in a car accident and my wife just died. I have no money but am so hungry, do you have like 2 dollars you could give me so that I could like go get Vienna sausages at Whole Foods or something?" 

Most people would be smart and wouldn't believe him and would NOT give him the money.

"YOUR WIFE JUST DIED??? Oh my gosh, I am so sorry... that is so terrible...(as I am tearing up and opening up my purse)."

"Yeah, I luckily survived but my wife, she died. I just want to get some Vienna sausages or something at Whole Foods."

I gave him $10 and he thanked us and walked away.

My friend who I've known for only a couple of months and hung out only a couple of times looked at me like who the heck are you and you are crazy and said, "You gave him TEN DOLLARS??? Why did you give him money? You know he was lying right?"

"...........You think so?"

"Sarah!!! Yes, of course he was lying! His wife just died? He wants VIENNA SAUSAGES at WHOLE FOODS???" 

"Oh...... Maybe you're right..."

"You still think he was telling the truth, don't you?"

"Well, he was wearing a hospital bracelet with the name tag..."

"Oh my gosh, Sarah. Wow. I feel like I need to always be with you to be your body guard or something."

Maybe this is why my cousin who recently visited us from LA thinks I should never leave outside of Utah because he doesn't think I'd survive outside the bubble. I didn't even tell him this story!!! What the heck!!!

And maybe it explains why my dad just got scammed $11,000 by an orphaned "American solder" from Afghanistan who found a box of $80 million cash under the ground while fighting for our country.


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