Before the Winter weather comes

My outfit: black tee: GAP | grey jumpsuitankle boots| wide brim hat

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I heard on the news that starting on Saturday, right after Halloween, it'll be snowing and cold here in Utah.  The Fall weather has been so nice and I'm so sad we have to say good bye!  Fall in Utah lasts only for a few weeks which is just way too short.  So we've been taking advantage of the slightly cool but sunny weather as much as we can.  

On our walk to the park, we were surrounded by dry leaves and it got me so excited.  I'm one of those people who go out of the way to step on that giant crunchy leaf so this right here my friends, was my dream.  My daughter said to me while watching me scream in excitement and running around, stepping on the dry leaves, "Mommy, you're so happy, is this your heaven?  Let me take a video of your heaven!"  

It was my heaven.  Spending everyday with my kids is my heaven.  Remember when I vented about resenting motherhood?  That phase passed awhile ago but I guess I vent on here when I feel frustrated but don't update you on it afterwards, which I probably should.  That phase is long gone now and I love being a stay at home mom, I'm back to myself again, hallelujah! (my husband is probably chanting hallelujah way louder than me! ;)  My ambition and dreams are still there, but there is a time for everything and my time right now is to play with my kids and step on those crunchy leaves!  I am so grateful for the life that I have.


His, hers & mine || Sunday best

this was what the other  members of our family were doing during our photoshoot.

His outfit: grey pullover | leggingsstriped beanie | moccasins(in color aruba)

My daughter's outfit: dress: purchased in Korea | ankle boots

My outfit: top: Korea | scarf: thrifted | tulle skirt | leopard purse: Brahmin | ankle boots

I'm loving my son's outfit so much, I'm all about comfort on my baby since he bends and moves around so much and everytrhing he's wearing is so soft and comfortable!  His beanie is made of thicker, higher quality with just enough stretch to cling onto his head so it doesn't fall off which I love.  His pullover & leggings are soft and durable and his moccasins bends with every movement of his feet.  I hardly put denim jeans on my baby because it restricts their playing!

Also, I'm obsessed with my little girl's booties, aren't you? 

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Our very first trip sans kids

We finally did it!  Until this trip, we've never gone somewhere just me and Jay without the kids, not even for one night anywhere.  But the timing worked out perfectly and Jay's best friend was taking a trip to Vegas with his wife and Jay was to MC his cousin's wedding a few days later so we decided to take a trip sans kids to Vegas and California for 5 days!  Jay's mom flew down from Hawaii to watch our 3 kids and we are so grateful she was willing to do that.

And what's the very first thing we did when we arrived in Vegas at 3 a.m?  Go eat at Pho Kim Long.  Because it's been a Pho Kim Long time since we've eaten there. :D  If you've never been to this Vietnamese restaurant, you must go.  They have awesome calamari & boba(coconut and melon are my favorite!).

The next thing we did the day after was go see a movie!  We hardly go watch a movie together and it's always kid movies with our kids so we were so excited.  We watched Dawn: The Planet of the Apes, a movie Jay wanted to see and it was pretty good.

We then met up with Jay's best friend Nash and his cute pregnant wife Amber for a lunch buffet where we stayed for over 5 hours because we were so busy talking to each other.  Then we went bowling.  It was so nice doing whatever we felt like doing!  I love being spontaneous!

they like holding things together.  Precious.
Then we went to Crown Bakery, a second must stop when we're in Vegas.  Delicious Korean bakery goods!

We went to Pho Kim Long again for dinner.
The next day we ate at Monta(It was pretty good, I would give it a 3.7 our of 5) with Amber and Nash, then walked around the city.

thank you, photo bomber!
genius, why didn't I think of this?  the finger spins!  my mind is blown.
It was my first time meeting Amber and she was so much fun and such a sweetheart.  She reads my blog and I love meeting people that read my blog so I can find out more about them!  I feel like since I talk about myself so much on the blog, I love getting to know the people who read my blog.  Too bad Nash and Amber live far away from us!  (Amber, if you're reading this, hello! :)
 they like sipping from the same milkshake while starring into each other's eyes.  I told them to share one straw together but they wouldn't do it.
Jay and I went shopping and this was the first time that I can remember where Jay bought something and I didn't.  There's been times when I bought something and Jay didn't, or we both didn't buy anything but never a time where Jay bought a ton of stuff and I didn't buy a single thing!  It had to be documented but Jay kept refusing to be in a picture so I had to sneak this one ever so sneakily. 
My husband's gotta hit Jack in the Box at least once when he sees it!  On our way to California!
The first thing I did was meet up with  my awesome sister in California.  This restaurant is my go to place everytime I'm in LA, the food is amazing.
Then my sister and I went to meet up her girlfriends at this cute Korean place.  And I posted a few years ago about why I love visiting California(see the post here), people here make you feel so young!  Her friends all thought I was going to College here in California.  When my sister told them I had 3 kids, you should've seen their faces, they were so shocked and couldn't believe it.  You know you're 30 when compliments like that just make your day! :D

Jay's dear cousin Alvina got married at the LA temple!  We were there for her sealing(we believe with the right power and the authority from God, a man and a woman can be married for eternity, not just until death do us apart) and it was beautiful.
Then we went to the best Korean BBQ place I've ever been to in Beverly Hills called Genwa.  Look at all these side dishes!
the aftermath of our lunch.
Jay MC'ed their wedding and did a wonderful job as always.  This was his 8th time MC'ing a wedding so he's practically a professional now.
don't know where this halo effect came from. :)  Congratulations to the perfect couple!
then we went and watched If I Stay.  My choice and Jay managed to watch the whole movie with me.
We ate at Pho King Long again, before we had to head back home.  Yes, we ate there 3 times while we were in Vegas for 2 1/2 days. 
Stocking up on Korean bakery before leaving!
We met Jon and Ruby through Nash & Amber and they're such a fun couple, we fell in love with them!  Thanks for all the laughter and for meeting us for lunch! And It seems like all we did was eat, and it's because we did.:)

This trip almost didn't happen because we didn't realize this was the week when our oldest started school and Jay was going to go to Vegas and California by himself but everything worked out and we were able to go!  So grateful for Jay's mom for flying to UT from HI and watching the kids for 5 days.  It was so nice spending time with just my husband and it was so nice being spontaneous and doing whatever we wanted!  Not waking up in the middle of the night and sleeping in was so nice too. :)  But when we drove home, we were so eager and antsy to get back home to see our babies.  Right when we parked in the garage, we fought over who could open the door into the house first(Jay pushed me to the side so he could be the one! tsk tsk) and it was such a sweet reunion to see our kids and give them a ton of kisses and hugs.  It's good for the parents to miss the kids once in awhile, I think it makes us better parents.

Our next trip sans kids is to Paris.  Right honey? ;)
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