Life is Beautiful


Spontaneous family vacation

I used to be a very spontaneous person. but since I've been married, the only spontaneous thing I've done was go to Shoe Carnival unplanned on our way to a restaurant 3 yrs. ago. Most wild & crazy family of the year award, I know! Well, that's forever changed because we booked our flight to Hawaii several days ago and we are now here in Hawaii! we surprised the kids and pretended we were dropping them off at school and handed them their backpacks filled with snacks and toys and pictures of HI. Best surprise ever!  Follow along our trip on Instagram!


Back to back mommy daughter date

I went on a mommy daughter date with my oldest daughter.  We went to Nickel City and got a lot of tickets, then bought something for her and her sister and brother little gifts with the tickets, then went to Gloria's Little Italy, her favorite place to get gelato.  

The next day, it was my younger daughter's turn for a mommy daughter date.  I asked her what she wanted to do and she wanted to go to Toys R Us and got Shopkins, these ridiculously overpriced toys that are tiny plastic foods with little faces on it.  Yeah, I don't get it either.  But she said it wasn't for her, she really wanted to get it for her sister who loves them, so how could I say no to her selfless plea?  Then she wanted to go to Gloria's Little Italy too for some gelato.  She usually wants to do what her big sister did on our date, and it's pretty cute how much she follows her sister.


DIY: Plaid silk dress with pockets for girls

Remember this plaid silk fabric I bought?  Right when I saw it I knew it'd make a perfect Christmas dress.  I initially wanted to make it for myself, but then decided it would be cuter on a little girl.  I envisioned a simple short sleeve tunic dress with front pockets and this is the result:

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