Disney Alaska Cruise part one- Vancouver, Canada

We went on a Disney Cruise to Alaska this Summer.  Get ready for some Disney Cruise pictures overload, because there will be part one to at least part four!  The cruise boarded in Vancouver, Canada so we stayed there for an extra day to explore.

we stayed at the smallest hotel ever.  Let's just say it sure was intimate and cozy. :)

Japadog was delicious!  Everything we tried on that street was good, including pho', and Korean B.B.Q bowl.

This is about the time when Adi started getting into photo bombing.

we went to The Candy Aisle and everyone was in heaven, especially Jay who got these ridiculously sour candies.  

we found a Korean market and found two of my favorite things: Korean bakery bread and this vanilla ice-cream cone!  It is the best vanilla ice-cream you will ever eat, and I used to eat it all the time growing up in Korea but never found one in the States, but found it in Canada!  Canada, I love you already.

we ate delicious pastries for breakfast the next morning before heading off to board the ship!

on our way to board the ship!

I just realized after posting these pictures that half of these are of food.  That's how we roll, YOLO!  That was the theme of our whole Disney Cruise trip, YOLO.  You only live once.  Jay and I felt old when Jay's little brother Mike texted that to us and we were like, "What the heck is YOLO?" and Mike had to explain what it meant.  So just be aware, we went YOLO and you'll see lots of pictures of food. ;)

Stay tuned for Part two next week!


Last hurrah of Summer

We might've been more excited for dippin' dots than to swim.
Adi playing paparazzi
I've never looked better.

The weather tells me Summer is officially over.  It's a happy/sad feeling because it means my girls will no longer be with me 24/7, but will start school, no more letting them stay up late since it gets dark at 9 pm here in the Summertime which we absolutely love, no more grabbing popsicles every hour to control the heat, no more swimming outdoors in the hot sun, and no more being in denial my girls are getting older, my oldest entering 1st grade and officially a big girl now.  

But I am excited for peach season so I can make peach cobbler and peach ice-cream smoothie, I am excited to wear jackets, boots and sweaters in the crisp, cool weather, and I am so excited for Halloween.  

Life is a funny thing, it's funny how there's always a constant opposition in all things like being sad and happy at the same time that Summer is over.  But if there wasn't a downside to life, we wouldn't be able to know what the upsides are in life since we won't have anything to compare it to.  And that is what makes life beautiful.


Sunday Best

White/gold sequin dress (similar here, they have so many great ones like this, this & this too)| Sunglasses : Yoyomelody | gold heels: BCBG via Thredup, my favorite store! 

This is my favorite dress I own.  My favorite combination of colors has to be white/cream and gold, they're just so classy and elegant together.  It's also the colors of my wedding!  The shoes I got from BCBG via Thredup that is practically brand new, but for about 30% of the original price.  I talked about Thredup on a previous post, but man, I'm obsessed with that store.  If you click on this link Thredup and then use the code: BTX7Y9, you'll get 40% off your first order!  Or use code: B2S5XC for $20 off $100.
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