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DIY: XXL men's shirt into a crop top + skirt set

This week's Refashion Runway challenge is gingham. I got this men's XXL shirt because of the beautiful mint color. I instantly had an image pop in my head of making it into a short crop top with a high-waited skirt for my little girl. I've partnered with HP to help me make this project go more smoothly. 

XXL men's shirt into a girls crop top + skirt

I printed this fashion sketch and took a picture of it with my Sprout HP so that I could use it as an outline and add my own design!

Then using the HP Sprout pen, I sketched what I wanted my design to look like after the refashion.

Let's see how it executed!


XXL men's shirt into a girls crop top + skirt

XXL men's shirt into a girls crop top + skirt

XXL men's shirt into a girls crop top + skirt

XXL men's shirt into a girls crop top + skirt
*let's pretend the buttons on the skirt are right down the middle and not to the left, shall we? ;)

XXL men's shirt into a girls crop top + skirt

XXL men's shirt into a girls crop top + skirt

XXL men's shirt into a girls crop top + skirt

XXL men's shirt into a girls crop top + skirt

XXL men's shirt into a girls crop top + skirt

I used the front of the shirt as the back, with the buttons on the back of the top and the skirt. I made it very simple in the front and with the pleated back that already came with the shirt, I think it looks adorable in the middle front. 

I pretty much used every part of the fabric, I even used the collar I cut off as a headband! Turns out, the length of the collar fits perfectly around my girls head and with the button and the button hole on both sides, you close the button and there you have it! Easiest headband ever.

What you'll need:
-An oversized  button-up shirt
-1 1/2" width elastic
-matching thread
-needle or sewing machine

Estimated time: 2 hours
Budget: $18
Skill level: A confident beginner to an intermediate

Now, to vote for your favorite project from the competition, please go to The Renegade Seamstress and vote, it literally takes 5 seconds! The project with the least votes will get voted out.

These are the challenge themes in case you'd like to follow along with us!

Week 1: Combine Floral and Geometric or Stripes
Week 2: Gingham
Week 3: Handbag, Tote bag or Clutch
Week 4: Maxi Skirt or Dress
Week 5: Boho Chic
Week 6: Asymmetrical

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XXL men's shirt into a girls crop top + skirt


Marathon Training

Jay got into the St. George marathon in October! The St. George Marathon is Jay's favorite marathon he's run in because he says it's very organized and well prepared. So he's been busy training for the marathon and I applaud the marathon runners because I know from watching my husband how dedicated and time-consuming it is to train for the marathon!

I've partnered with Bugaboo to test out their new Bugaboo Runner which came together at the most perfect time because my son is such a daddy's boy and hates it when daddy has to leave. Like I told you before, he doesn't want anything to do with me the moment daddy walks in the door from work. After all that I do for him in the day! Traitor! But it's really cute because Jay also loves being with him at all times so now he has a buddy to run with and keep him company, and my son is in heaven because he gets to be with his daddy, just the way he prefers it. So it's a win-win for all.

My favorite thing about the Bugaboo Runner is that I LOVE how it can be front facing or parent facing. It's the first parent facing Runner on the market, how cool is that? I am a huge fan of parent facing strollers and I prefer to keep it parent facing most of the time. There are many benefits of parent facing strollers and it helps with the kids cognitive development on top of you being able to see and bond with your child where that's how they learn about expressions and communication. The stroller runs very smooth and it also has an adjustable handlebar with a connection brake for one-handed speed adjustment, which is also the first jogger of its kind. My least favorite thing(I guess my only thing I dislike) about the Bugaboo Runner is that I wish the front wheel had the option of being a fixed wheel and also a non-fixed wheel. It's only in a fixed wheel state because it's made to be used only for running, but if you're like me, I use my jogging stroller as a regular stroller, especially with this beautiful Bugaboo Runner, I love the sleek and simple design and want to use it everywhere! Is it super nerdy of me that I feel really hip and cool when I use this stroller? I guess that makes me actually uncool that I think I'm so cool because I think my stroller is so cool.... 

And how cute does my son look being all matchy-matchy with my husband? Jay would match with our son every Sunday to church and he'll say to me, "What? I dressed first and it was Aiden who matched me!" He even got the same haircut after I took Aiden to go get a haircut. He has no shame in matching with our son every chance that he gets and I find it so adorable. These two are inseparable and now Aiden is Jay's little training buddy to help him get ready for his marathon!


Hot Summer Day

What do we do on a hot Summer day? Bike/walk to our favorite shaved ice place!

After taking the above picture, I showed it to the girls and they could not stop laughing!

Oh my goodness, I adore these girls so much! 

I hope everyone is having a great Summer! 

It just hit me yesterday that it's almost August. Where did the time go? I swear it seems like the 4th of July was just a week ago! Time is a scary thing isn't it? Every second that passes by, you will never get back. I've felt pretty depressed the past few days with no apparent reason, well, except for PMS+sickness+lack of sleep and was complaining a lot about how I hated being a stay at home mom and doing endless dishes and laundry and how I can't do anything I want to do and how it's so frustrating because I just want to do things on my own schedule for once, and not trying to squeeze it in between everyone else's schedule during the day and then I realize at the end of the day that I didn't do anything I wanted to do for myself and the day is already over. Maybe it's because it's Summer? Now I know why mothers get so excited and post on their status something like, "Counting down the days until school starts, can't wait!" Summer can get pretty mundane and exhausting with none of the kids going to school and they complain they're bored or there's nothing to do. Actually, whenever they complain they're bored, I make them do chores so they stopped saying they're bored but instead say things like, "Mom, let's go do something!", "Mom, can we go swimming? To the park? To the store?" These smart kids. :)

I still haven't completely gotten out of this rut but it's getting better and I really think it's just PMS. But it makes me wonder, what about those people that have depression? Like PMS, they can't control their hormones and the sadness and the hopelessness is just there all the time no matter what you try to do to get out of it. PMS lasts only for a few days but depression is for a long, long period of time. I can't imagine what that must be like and I feel for those people. Depression is a silent disease and people can mask it easily which is a scary thing. It reminded me to be more kind and more caring towards the people around me because you never know what they're going through. And even if someone isn't particularly going through something hard or difficult, kindness and extra gentleness and care could only help people to feel extra loved or happy and that's always worth it. Kindness is always worth it. You will never regret being kind or nice or sharing with someone. 

Starting a couple years ago, I decided life is too short to just let a thought of kindness go by so whenever I think of something nice about someone, I verbally express it to them right then. So if I see a cashier at the grocery store wearing a cute necklace, instead of just thinking that it's a cute necklace, I tell them right then.  Or if a lady at church sang a beautiful song, a couple years ago, I would just think she has a beautiful voice and if I happened to run into her, I'd tell her but if I didn't run into her, then that would be it. But now, I go out of my way & walk around the church to find the lady to tell her how beautiful her voice was and how much I enjoyed it. My motto is never let a thought of kindness go wasted, in words or in action. 

I am so grateful for everything that I have in my life. I can be a pessimist sometimes and focus on what I don't have but when I step back and think of all the things I do have, the list out-pours and makes the list of what I don't have seem so petty. 

Anyone else having a "Summer-rut" like me? Anyone else kind of looking forward to the first day of school?
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