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Sunday Best & Sweetest Things My Son Has Said Lately

Before I had my third child, several mothers(especially my mom) have told me that the third child is the golden child. They're not your favorite child, you love your first two just as much, but starting with your third, you just find them so adorable and you are obsessed. They say it gets worse with 4th, and so on! I think a lot of it has to do with having more confidence as a mother since you'be done it twice already and you got the hang of it, and also, you learn to not fret over little things and relax a little and be okay in the chaotic, messy life. Another reason is you know exactly how fast time flies by, especially the infant & the toddler stage so you live in the moment and take it in full. When my son throws a tantrum, I sit back and not get as frustrated because I know this stage will be short and it's honestly a little cute how the worst thing that's happened to him is me saying no to juice. What a life our kids live in, right? What a life!

Here are some adorable things my son has said to me lately to drive me even more crazy:

  • "Mama? Eh-eee-dn loooobe mama." (Aiden love mama.)
  • "Mama funnnn."
  • It's always a battle to get him in the car, as soon as I slide open the van door, he runs to the back and sits in his sister's car seat and refuses to come sit in his car seat in the middle row. So last week I sighed and said, "Okay, fine then, we just won't go." and pretended to go inside the house and closed the door. I let 30 seconds pass by and when I went back to the car, he gave me the biggest smile with his head tilted to his shoulder(trying to be all cute, this sneaky one) and as he climbed willingly onto his car seat, he looked at me and said, "Sooooooory." while flashing his big dimpled smile. I die!!!
  • We picked grapes in our backyard yesterday and we came inside and washed them and we were eating it together. Then all the sudden, he grabs the bowl and runs away while laughing and saying, "My grapes!" I chased him and wrestled to get the grapes back and he kept repeating this and one time instead of chasing him, I sat there and just pretended to cry with this dramatic sad face. He immediately put down the bowl and came to me with a frowned face and gave me a hug and kept whimpering, "No, mama, no mama." Then he ran back to get the bowl and with his killer smile again, he handed it to me while saying, "Mama, grapes? Eh-eee-dn share." 

See? How can I not be obsessed with him? And I just love men in suits and a little boy in suits? Oh my gosh. And MY boy in a suit? OH MY GOSH. My heart suffocates because I can't take it.

My son's suit pants are low-rise and when he wore another brand of diapers, the pants would sag so low, I had to safety pin the back from falling down! And he looked like a little gangsta. Not the look I want, especially when he's wearing a classy suit. The new Pampers Cruisers diapers are super thin and there's no sag or the big butt action going on! I was very pleasantly surprised at how thin the diapers are, which means it won't take as much room in my diaper bag which I am all about! I can fit 6 diapers in my diaper pouch instead of the 3 I used to squeeze in. Then of course I had to see how absorbent the diaper is, being super thin and all, and it passed with high ratings! It holds the wetness evenly and there was no leakage. I used another brand before but Pampers Cruisers thinness has sold me, I am switching to these now! And this is coming from someone who is a very brand-loyal customer, if I like one brand, I stick with that brand and don't deviate, so I used the other brand for all 3 of my kids up until now.

If you purchase the Pampers Cruisers at Target, they're having a $10 and $30 giftcard to their store with the purchase of 2. 

My coat is actually a jacket but I wear it as a dress.:) I've been wearing this as much as I can, I am in love with this dress/jacket so much!

    I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

    Being a blogger has made me greedy

    This is NOT a sponsored post. Haha, you guys, sponsored posts galore this week, I know! And I am suppose to post two more this weekend, I know!!! I am cringing over here too. I won't have any one week and then BAM! They're all due in the same week. I feel like events are like that too, I won't have any fun events for awhile and then BAM, there are so many on the same day. Last time I had a ton of sponsored posts was back in Christmas time, when I started earning an income from this blog and I didn't really know what I was doing so I agreed to many. I've been blogging regularly for 5+ years and never really made any money until 8 months ago, and I will be lying if I say I didn't enjoy it! It's fun making money! And bringing an extra income for my family. It empowers me actually, to know that I am contributing financially to our family and I'd survive in case something happens and I need to be the bread winner in the family. It's a sense of peace and calm I feel that I could be supporting this family of mine if I ever had to.

    And making money blogging is super fun and easy, I am going to be honest! To give you an example so you can see what I mean, I recently did a sponsored post with Krispy Kreme donuts to promote their new cake batter donuts and cake batter shakes. I took my kids in and purchased those two items for my half birthday girl and donuts for my other kids and took pictures and explained our half birthday tradition where we go get a treat and go to the dollar store where they each pick out 2 items. For this post I received a $35 Krispy Kreme donuts and $350. For going to get donuts with my kids and taking a few pictures and posting about them! Isn't that so easy and fun? And of course we love Krispy Kreme donuts and go there regularly anyway, I am always honest about every brand or product I feature on my blog and will never say I love something when I really didn't. I recently had a spa company tell me they no longer want to collaborate with me(I received a $150 credit to their spa/salon every month for a blog post) on working with me further, after trying our partnership out for 2 months, because I had negative experiences there and I refused to sugar coat it and only say positive things like she had wanted me to. I respect her decision and of course there are no hard feelings whatsoever and I wish them the best. Another fun campaign I did was with Pier 1, it's probably one of my top favorite campaigns ever! I got to pick out a bunch of items to keep from their store that was worth $1400 and post about it and got $600 on top of that. I know no blogger really discloses how much they earn on their posts but I am just super open about things and you can ask me anything about blogging and I will tell you everything.

    So can you see a little bit why it's so easy to say yes to these campaigns and so hard to say no? And how one could become a little greedy? Haha. I do feel like the more I earn, the more fun it is and the more I want to earn, which makes sense because money doesn't bring you true, lasting happiness and I can understand why some people become obsessed with money and become a workaholic! You want more and bigger things because you are basing your happiness on money and in the end, money doesn't bring you happiness so you're never satisfied so you keep wanting more and more. It's a dangerous cycle.

    So lately I've been pondering about me getting greedy and writing sponsored posts and you guys. If I was in your shoes and I was the reader, I'd personally be turned off. So I don't blame you if you feel this way. And I don't want to lose my awesome readers because I put making money over the happiness of my readers, because keeping my readers happy triumphs over making money. And I have been taking on way too much, way more than I can handle, and it seems it's been awhile since I knew what it felt like to just be a mother. And not an income-earning blogger. I've been trying to do it all, but it's not possible. I've been volunteering to help in my kids classrooms, taking on sponsored posts, entering the sewing competition, trying to help my parents out more in their older, fragile age, taking the kids to piano lessons, soccer games, playing with them, making a costume for Alison Faulkner, getting my skirt manufactured...... it's just too much. And I am not doing well in many of these areas, the house is dirtier, I am more impatient with the kids and resent how I can't put my clothing line at my highest priority and give it my all, I have honestly forgotten to go to Young Women activities for my church calling because I've been so busy, I sleep less and go to bed super late, thus not as attentive or happy during the day with my kids, it goes on. I can't have it all, all at once. If I focus on something, another thing lacks. That's how life works. So I need to focus on the most important things, things that if I don't do, I know I'll regret on my deathbed. That's been my motto lately, to not do things or do things so that I won't have regrets on my deathbed.

    So my highest priorities should be:

     1. Being a good wife and making Jay happy. Which means I need to clean more. Hahaha, he told me if I was more clean(like become OCD clean like himself), I'd be perfect. So that means I need to stop being so busy and have time to clean.

    2. Being a patient and happy mother to my kids. Not be too tired to help with their homework, not being on my phone while I am with them(I am addicted to my phone. There I said it!), going to my daughter's soccer practice and lessons and watching her instead of dropping her off and running errands, not blog or check emails while they kids are with me, give them my full attention, focus and energy while I am with them.

    3. Help my parents out more. Go to my parents house everyday and make them food, help with my dad, hanging out with them more, spend time with them, take my dad swimming or exercise with him since he doesn't have the motivation to exercise by himself, have them be in my top 3 priority right now.

    4. Launching my clothing line. I actually have been putting this off for so long. I've been getting very strong promptings to do it the past couple of years but I pushed it away saying I don't have time, I want to be a stay at home mom, and finding excuses because if it was me, I wouldn't do it until my youngest is in school full time, so not for another 4 years. But I know this is what God wants me to do and I've had conflicting issues with this because in my LDS culture, being a stay at home mom is the best thing you can do and very strongly encouraged. So I've learned that God works with each person in different ways and that's why we shouldn't judge others for their choices because we never know why they are choosing to do something. I will still be a stay at home mom but my son might need to be babysat or go to half day care a couple times a week.

    So another reason why I've been trying to earn more money through blogging is because I want to save the money to getting my designs manufactured. So that's probably a huge reason why it's so hard to turn down campaigns! It's more money that's going into my savings for launching my clothing line, which I hope will support me in helping children in third world countries.

    Okay, I am getting sick of talking about myself now, if I was verbalizing this, my mouth would be tired from all that talking. Haha. So my moral of this story is, I realize I have been getting greedy and getting caught up on earning money, and I want to slow down. And focus more on my family. I also miss blogging just whenever I felt like it, and not having deadlines. So I am not saying I will stop all sponsored posts, or stop blogging, but I need to slow down and focus on the things that really matter in the end. I will never regret turning down a certain campaign on my deathbed.

    The end.

    Now you tell me your thoughts about this post, have my sponsored posts been turning you off? What advice do you have? And tell me your dreams, your frustrations. your goals. I hate this part about blogging, I can't really get to know you! Or hear about all your stories. So I'd love to read about your goals or frustrations. I read each one of them and love getting to know you.


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