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How I stop myself from feeling jealous or envious

Sometimes I post these Sunday thoughts on my Instagram and I don't know how many of you follow me there, so I'm sorry if you feel like I'm double posting, I don't know how to balance IG and blog! 

Life isn't fair isn't it? I hear of people whom are born into wealth and have never struggled and everything's been given or provided for. I wonder, "Why couldn't my parents be like that?" But I remind myself that while life on earth may not be fair, it'll be made perfectly fair in the next life. So if you're blessed with wealth, the more is required of you to use your wealth to help the less fortunate and you'll be judged more harshly than people who didn't have that blessing. Plus, work ethic is priceless & the people I truly admire are the people who had to work hard for what they have because their character is impeccable. The Higher the blessings, the higher the law that is expected of you to abide by. The more talents you've been given, the more is required of you to use those talents to enrich the lives of others. So in the end, the fairness evens out and everything that is unfair in this life will be made perfectly fair in the next. This knowledge helps me from playing the comparison game and stops me from feeling jealous or envious. It also reminds me of how actively I should seek to help others since I am very blessed in many ways.


Girls' trip to Vegas, baby!

I am the worst blogger ever.  I went on a girls' trip to Las Vegas 3 months ago and I am just posting it now.  It's funny because I went to my first blogger's conference back in February called BYBC(because I got sponsored a free ticket, the same reason why I'm going to another blog conference this weekend!) which was a two days conference in SLC and I ended up napping in the car most of the classes.  Oops!  The whole time I was thinking, "Man, I really don't take blogging very seriously, do I?  These people are on the ball!" So I am sorry guys, I am not like the other bloggers who take blogging so seriously and spend 30-40 hours a week on it(average amount of hours people spend on their blogs from what I've collected!).  I think I spend about 5 hours a week on it if that.  But I love my readers and I hope you know that I do enjoy blogging and love it!  And everything that I do write about I take very seriously and it's written with honesty and from my heart.

Anyway, so these are the pictures from the trip.  I didn't really know these girls before the trip(who does that? haha) but Mckenzie got all of us together and made it happen!  We were talking one day at some event we went to and casually talking about how Vegas is so much fun and it's such a fun place to go on a girls' trip and how we should go.  Well, I didn't think anything was going to happen out of it, but here we were going on a 3 night, 4 day vacation!  I almost didn't go because I thought it would be like a 2 night, 3 day trip max, but my husband actually was encouraging me to go.  He is so sweet and I had so much fun, I am so glad I went.

Road trip starts now!

We've arrived!

Took my friends to Pho Kim Long, my favorite restaurant in Vegas.  Because it's been a pho king long time since I've been there.  hahaha....  


Even though I didn't get any of the jokes these men from Divas Las Vegas impersonated the biggest name singers and had their makeup, movement, & facial expressions down to the T. They were so funny & amazing! 

Another perk of having an Asian friend.  You get an Asian massage!

when your amazing photographer friend Mckenzie Deakins tells you to lie down and look up at the sky then immediately jumps in the water with a camera.... you do what she says. 

It was so much fun!  At the end of the trip Mckenzie made a confession to me that the reason why she invited me was because she has the biggest Asian women crush on me.  I told her, "I knew it! I knew I was invited because I'm Asian!" Thanks for including me in this group, and I love you girls!


Finding happiness in motherhood

Being a mom is not a glamorous job.  It is not fun 100% of the time, I am covered in snot or food, it consists of many moments of impatience, frustrations, annoyance, and exhaustion.

Tonight I went on a mother-daughter date with my middle child.  When we came home, the rest of the kids were asleep so I got her ready for bed, just the two of us.  As we prayed and I kissed her good night, she asked me if I could come lie with her and cuddle with her.  I said of course and as I tucked her in and cuddled her, she squeezed my hand super tight and kissed me several times on the lips and she said to me, "Momma? If there was a fire, I would rather lose my blankie than to lose you."  It made my heart melt because if you know her, her blankie is everything to her.  She can't sleep without it, she cries if she can't find it, it comforts her and she carries it with her everywhere in the house. I almost cried and kissed her about 20 times and whispered, "Thank you baby, I love you so much too."  

It's sweet moments like this that make my heart swell up with so much happiness and I know being their mother is my most important job. And even though it is the hardest job I've ever had, no other job has ever made me more happy or at peace.
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