DIY: Grandma vintage dress refashion

*I was not paid to write about Tag's, and had no obligation to write about the store.  I truly love their mission and want to share it with you.  

www.TagsThrift.com, a new thrift store with a twist, is opening this weekend and I was invited to get a sneak peek of the store.  Over sandwiches & delicious dessert, the owners talked about the purpose and mission of the store and I was very impressed.  Tag's wants to provide a fresh thrift experience where you can sell or donate clothes by the pound where you have a choice of keeping a little cash for yourself or donating to a non-profit organization they're in partnership with, where 100% of the proceeds will go to that cause.  I was particularly interested in one organization which was Feed the World, a charity that helps small farmers be self reliant and self sufficient by growing their own crops that they could feed for themselves and their family.  Small farmers usually grow one crop such as corn, but they cannot compete with the low prices of  big corporate farms, resulting in low income and not being able to buy food to feed their family.  Many of them literally starve!  The owner of Feed the World started to cry as he was explaining to us and I was so touched by his compassion and passion of what he's doing, I got teary eyed too!  

They'll have a bakery inside the store, free wi-fi, lounge area, free classes on altering/DIY, how cool is that?

Each blogger got to pick out any two items from the store and these are the two items I picked out:
Does this dress look familiar?  It's the dress I designed and won for the Shabby Apple dress design contest!  I didn't have the Shabby Apple version of my design and I was so happy to find it at Tag's. You can see my original design here.

And this is the second item I picked out.  I know you're so envious right now.

What I look for when I'm shopping at thrift stores with the intent to refashion, is the color of the fabric, the fabric itself, and features that I really like, such as pleats on the skirt part of this dress.  I really like this teal green color and don't have any dresses this color, and the fabric seemed sturdy and easy to work with, and the pleats & lace I loved the details of.  Shoulder pads, giant collars, and the old buttons were not on the list. ;)

I took out the collar, the lace, the buttons.
Separated the front and the back piece to get rid of the waste part of the dress.
cut the sleeves off and made it into short sleeves.
cut off the tear drop part of the lace.
sewed the lace onto the hem of the sleeves.  It was the perfect length!

The After:

dress: DIY
necklace: ChloeDavidLA c/o
heels: Thredup

What you'll need:
- outdated dress
- matching thread
- needle or sewing machine
- scissors
- pins

1. Take off the lace, the collars, and the buttons.
2. Separate the front and back piece of the dress.
3. Cut off the waist part and sew the top & bottom back on.
4. Sew the front and the back piece back together.
5. Take off 3" from both sides of the dress. 
6. Cut the bottom of the dress to make it knee length.  Hem the bottom
7. Cut the sleeves off, cut it into short sleeves, pleat the shoulder part of the sleeves, and sew the sleeves on.
8. Sew on the lace onto the bottom part of the sleeves.
9. Sew the v-neck line higher.

Estimated time: 2 hrs.
Budget: very low(mine was $9).
Skill level: A confident beginner to intermediate .

Tag's(#tagsthrift) is having a competition for the bloggers that attended their event and the winner will get an advertising deal and $2o0.  Every share, like, comment will get counted so please leave some love!  Thank you so much! 


About to tackle this DIY

Isn't this dress the cutest dress you've ever seen? ;). A couple days ago I was invited to a blogger party at Tags thrift store where we got to pick out any 2 items we wanted.  Using the items we picked out, we are to use it in any way we want and enter in a competition.  The winner will get to collaborate with Tags in the near future and win some cash.  So of course I picked out the cutest, most fashion forward piece I could find.  So of course all the other bloggers wanted this piece and after some cat fights and dog piling, I came out on top and was able to snatch it.  I'll be tackling this beast, I mean beauty tonight and will be posting the after tomorrow.  So wish me luck! 


DIY: Twisted headband

Remember when I made this Anthropologie fancified boatneck DIY where I cut a good 6" off the bottom of the tunic?  I recently found that extra fabric and wanted to make something with it.  I didn't know what, but as I kept looking at it, I thought it'd be perfect to make it into a twisted headband that I've seen around on Etsy.  They sell it anywhere from $10- $38, but it's so easy and simple to make and if you use an old t-shirt you have, it'll cost you $0!

This piece is only 16" lengthwise which was too short to make for me, my head circumference being 20".  16" is perfect for a baby headband(it was very tight on my 5 year old but I didn't want to have my 13 month old son model it for me. :), but for adults it'll be about 20"+ length and 5" width.  Make sure to measure your head circumference.

I cut it to separate the front and back part.

cut the bottom hem off on both pieces.

Fold the rectangle fabric in half, hot dog style and zigzag stitch the length.

the zigzag stitch helps the fabric to stretch more than if it was a straight stitch.

flip it inside out

lay the strips in a cross style

 fold over one strip over the other strip.

fold over the other strip

pull the strips on both sides

gather all 4 edges together

and sew it closed, straight stitch.

That's it!  So simple right?  I know you can do it!

My little Kindergartner all ready for school!

Outfit detail:
twisted headband: DIY
chambray top: H&M
tights: GAP
gold sandals: GAP
plaid backpack: OASAP c/o

What you'll need:
-2 pieces of knit jersey fabric(21" x 5")
-matching thread
-needle or sewing machine

1. Measure your head circumference.  If your head is 21", then cut two pieces of 21" X 5" fabric.
2. Fold the rectangle fabric in half, hot dog style and zigzag stitch the length(the zigzag stitch helps the fabric to stretch more than if it was a straight stitch).
3. Flip it inside out.
4. Lay the strips in a cross style.
5. Fold over one strip over the other strip.  Repeat with the other strip.
6. Pull the strips on both sides
7. Gather all 4 edges together, and sew it all together, straight stitch.

Estimated time: 1st time: 30 mins. after that, as little as 10 mins.
Budget: very low to almost nothing(mine was $0).
Skill level: a very beginner.
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