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She Told Me I was a Bad Mom. That Person Was Me.

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This past week, I launched my shop and Jay was gone on a business trip for a week. It was the busiest week of my life and I was barely hanging on! For two days, the day before the shop opened and the day of, Aiden watched about 4 hours of t.v on each day. I put my business over him for those 2 days. And I felt such mom guilt and started getting down on myself and thinking how I was going to own a shop when I can't balance life already. I began to self doubt myself and wondering how I was going to be a business owner when I'm terrible at business. I don't know very much about business, I love giving stuff to other people for free(if you've been to my house, you've most likely left with a full belly and/or a gift like my favorite face lotion or baby clothes). I've already promised several of my friends free skirts, so much so that I had to tell Jay and my friends to not let me do that anymore! And I am already busy as it is with being a blogger and being a stay at home mom to 3 kids, I don't know how it'll pan out in the future.

But the biggest voice inside my head kept telling me, "You are not a good mother because you didn't pack your girls homemade lunches at all this past week. You're not a good mom because you yelled at them  today and lost your cool. You're not a good mom because you talked to them in a not so nice tone. You're not a good mom because the kids went to bed later than their bedtime today and you didn't make dinner today. You are not a good mom so how will you even run a business?"

Mom guilt is so real isn't it? I feel guilt on a constant basis. No matter how hard I try to be the best mother that I can be, there's always something I could do better at. The house could be a little more cleaner, I could feed them more healthier food, I could have been more patient and not have sighed so much(something I am working on). I was thinking of mom guilt the other day and why women tear each other down, especially mothers criticizing other mothers, and it made me realize, it's because we all feel insecure as mothers. We constantly feel guilty about not being the perfect, ideal mother we had always dreamed and envisioned us of being, and since we constantly fall short, it's our insecurity that makes us judge other mothers and their parenting skills or choices. 
I believe a truly confident person doesn't judge or look down on others or feel the need to be mean to others. But yet, even the good people have bad days and moments of insecurity and that is when we try to bring someone else down so we feel a bit higher. We might feel higher than the people we are putting down for a bit, but the truth is, we are actually putting ourselves below them. Any moment we gossip or are mean or do something negative, we are actually putting ourselves in a lower position. I am definitely guilty of it. I’m realizing that we are constantly changing for the better or for the worse, and every time I talk negatively about someone, I am becoming a worse person. And instead of spending time putting out negativity to the world and putting myself lower, I can use that time equally on building others up and doing positive things instead, thus becoming a better person than I was a moment before. And that also counts for self-negativity!
I think it's important for us to acknowledge and compliment ourselves on what we did well instead of only focusing on what we didn't do. And the below three pictures pretty much sum up what it's like to be a mother to a two year old.

They are never still and they want to do the opposite of what you ask them to do! I just wanted a picture of our shoes lined next to each other, dang it!

I am so happy that I got my son these adorable Kamik Snobuster snow boots. I’d been looking online deciding which snow boots to buy for him, so this worked out perfectly! DSW Shoes has many selections of cold weather boots for the whole family, and now that my son has snow boots, our whole family is ready for winter! And snow! My favorite part about my son's snow boots is that I can take out the inner fleece lining and have him wear it as rain boots. And I've been wanting a simple black ankle boots so I picked the Sterre Western Bootie by Steve Madden, which I can wear over pants, tights, or jeans. DSW Shoes just opened up a store a few miles from my house which I was very excited about. And right now, if you spend $75, you get $20 in DSW Shoes dollars.

Here are some of my favorite picks from DSW Shoes
one || two || three || four || five || six


My Shop is Now Open!

My website is finally launched and I am taking pre-orders for my gold sequin skirts! It's been a dream of mine to be a fashion designer and it's finally coming true! I've always said to myself that in everything that we do, there should always be a greater reason behind it all. Like blogging shouldn't be just about getting free stuff or earning money or becoming "internet famous" but it should be because you want to help others save money by posting deals, or be a positive example in some way, or recipes to help other households to make delicious food, what have you. So my reason for blogging was a stepping stone to my clothing store, which is a stepping stone to bigger things. $10 from every skirt will be donated to Operation Underground Railroad, an organization I call "the warrior angels on earth". Eventually as my shop grows, I want to donate 20%, 30%, 40% and 50%! That is my dream. To help the poor, the innocent, or the helpless on a large scale. That is the drive and the force behind all I've been doing up to this point.

Anyway, so here are my skirts, I love them! My shop is There were lots od mishaps and setbacks in getting these produced, and I didn't get to make as many as I had wanted, so the quantities are limited. I couldn't decide which color I liked better so they're available in two colors; a champagne gold that is matte sequins so it's not as shiny, it's more subdued, classy and not as "showy", and then the true gold which is bright, fun and sparkly, the life of the party kind of a skirt!

Champagne Gold

True Gold

Which one would you wear? I'll be posting outfit inspirations for many different ways to style a gold sequin skirt, so stay tuned! And as a thank you to my wonderful readers, I am offering a 30% off discount code! (Shh, don't tell others, I posted a 20% off code on my Instagram and everywhere else.;) Use code: FRIENDS30 for 30% off your order. This code is valid for 5 days from today, until November 21st. 


Our Star Wars Halloween Costumes

Halloween time means trick or treating which means lots and lots of candy for my kids, yikes! I'll be sharing with you my kids oral hygiene to make sure those candies don't turn into cavities with LISTERINE® Smart Rinse, as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. #LISTERINE

I die at my dog's costume, isn't it awesome??? And I wish they had Queen Amidala in my size! 

Halloween was fun for me when I was at the age to go trick or treating. But after I was 14 years old and my friends and I stopped going trick or treating, it wasn't as fun! We didn't hit cool Halloween parties(there weren't that many parties in Utah growing up), we would just end up passing out candies at one of our friend's house, eat snacks and watch a scary movie. Then we would all get too scared to go home so we ended up squishing in a queen size bed, the 4 or 5 of us. 

But after we had kids, Halloween is so much fun again!!! Because I get to, I mean, the kids get to go trick or treating and I mean I HAVE to go with them to make sure they're safe, you know? Then afterwards when they're asleep, Jay and I get our candy tax, the best part of Halloween!

Holidays are so much more fun once you become a parent. Like 20x more fun. It also becomes 20x more chaotic and stressful, but the highs make up for the lows. I guess that's what parenting is like, your highs are super high, then your lows are super low. One of the things I stress about during Halloween time is cavities. My kids got passed down my weak teeth genes because all 3 of them have had tons of cavities and had to be put to sleep since they were so little and we don't want them to be traumatized of the dentist for the rest of their lives. My oldest even got several root canals. Seriously! We've spent well over $1,000 per each child. It really sucks. But I've had my fair share of dental work done, we spent about $35,000 on my teeth. Yes, it's embarrassing. But part of that was for braces! That I didn't care to get but Jay insisted that I get braces since we were spending so much money on my teeth already, might as well make it perfect he said. 

So every night, my kids brush their teeth with an electronic toothbrush, use LISTERINE® Smart Rinse and then floss their teeth(we floss their teeth for them to make sure everything's out). It gives me a sense of peace knowing that we are taking good care of their teeth and it'll hopefully prevent future cavities!

I didn't know this but using  LISTERINE® Kids strengthens teeth 99% better than brushing alone, and provides 12 hour cavity protectin and teeth retain 2.4x more fluoride than Act Kids. I've been using LISTERINE® since I was 12, it's the brand we used in our household growing up so naturally, Jay and I have been using it ever since we got married.

BUT make sure you don't gargle the mouthwash longer than is instructed, I remember when I was in middle school and my older brother was in High School and just turned 16, he was running late to school so he put the mouthwash in his mouth and then drove to school. He said it started burning really bad so he finally rolled down the window while in the middle of driving to spit it out and his mouth was numb for almost a whole day. Hahahaha. I remember him coming home from school and talking really funny and telling me the story. I couldn't stop laughing and he was so annoyed! Oh, good ole' siblings.

Find more about LISTERINE® Smart Rinse .
Watch LISTERINE®'s cute video.
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