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My son's first official haircut

This is my boy getting a sucker after his first haircut at a salon & his second haircut in his lifetime today. Tears would not stop as I was looking at my little boy and I said to the hair stylist, "I'm not the only mom who cries, right? Or am I?" She assured me I wasn't the only one.

I had mixed emotions of sadness and happiness(more sadness than happiness) when he was finished until we came home and I kissed the back of his head & said to my daughter, "Ooh, I actually like that his hair is short now, because instead of kissing his hair, I get to kiss his scalp!" "What's a scalp, mommy?" she asked. "A scalp is the skin on your head." "Eww mommy, that's gross. And a little creepy." Haha, please tell me I'm not the only creepy mother!


4th of July Party

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. We are throwing a big 4th of July party over at our house and I needed some quick and easy dessert ideas(because my motto lately is to simplify, simplify, and simplify some more to make my life easier :), so I threw this quick and easy party to help you get inspired for the 4th of July! #TwizzlersSummer #CollectiveBias 

How to throw an easy 4th of July Party 

The backdrop:

  • Silver cut-out stars from a party store
  • Blue & Red paper lanterns from a party store
  • 2 white tablecloths from the dollar store
  • Clear fishing lines or strings 
  • double-sided tape

Using double-sided tape, tape the white table cloth on the wall as the back drop. Lay the other table cloth over the table. Stick the stars on the white wall and using the clear fishing lines or strings, hang the lanterns from the ceiling.

American Flag Cake:

  • 1 container of whipped cream
  • White cake mix
  • 1 bag of Strawberry Twizzlers  
  • 1/2 c. blueberries(rinsed)

Bake the white cake in a rectangle pan following it's directions on the box. Spread a layer of whipped cream all over the cake. Using the Strawberry Twizzlers, make stripes, cutting some as necessary to make the stripes fit. On the left top corner, use the blueberries as "stars". 

Basket Holder Cupcakes
  • 12 cupcakes
  • 1-2 Pull N Peel Red White N Blue

Cut the Pull N Peel Red White N Blue in half or 1/3(the mini cupcakes I cut 1/3), then pull it so it's one color of each(red, white & blue). Place both ends on either side of the cupcakes and press onto the frosting. 

I purchased all the ingredients at Wal Mart, I am sure you've seen the Twizzlers Summer Fun aisle if you've been there recently. 

Now that I've shared with you some of my ideas for the 4th of July celebrations, are there any recipes that you make for the Holiday? I'd love to know, please share below! 


Our 4th of July Party is going to explode!!!

So I was contacted to write about this online fireworks site located in Provo and was to receive part pay and part in products to write this post. Then my husband who is OBSESSED with fireworks told me to ask them if we can receive the ULTIMATE BLOCK PARTY package and no pay in exchange instead and they agreed. I would have went with the original offer of part pay and part products, but man, I am such a good wife. Haha. But seriously, the party package is $1372.50 worth of products!!! Holy cow!!! So Jay and I were contemplating about throwing a 4th of July party but after this, oh, the party is on!!! 

And for once in my lifetime, Jay is super happy I blog! Ha! He went on their website and told me the prices were actually really good. Jay could spend $1000 on fireworks easy, and he loves to buy fireworks every year for the 4th of July and he said he would definitely buy from them next year and from now on. Jay is actually going to buy fireworks from the site for our party this year, because apparently $1370 worth isn't enough. I freaked out and he assured me he's only going to buy small ones for the little kids such as sparklers and poppers and such. Whew.

The store is for online only and it's free to pick up in Provo or it's $5 delivery if you live in Utah County. It's free shipping for Utah County for orders over $100. They also have videos of the actual fireworks you are buying so you know exactly what to expect before buying them! They're able to give very good prices because they're not paying for the overhead of a tent, staff member, and a parking lot lease. The owner will give you his phone number, his email address, and even his home address because he stands by his products and if something is wrong, you'll be able to contact him and he'll refund you or make it right. Isn't that awesome? That makes me feel so much better about buying from him since if you were to buy from a tent, you'd never see them again. 

So I am really excited to find out about this wonderful online store for fireworks, and I'll be telling my family and friends about it, so I thought you might love to know about it too!

Go on their main page and watch the video to get 10% off any bulk packages. 

What are your plans for the 4th of July? B.B.Q? Hosting a party of your own? Any fun family traditions you have? We don't have any special traditions for this Holiday but I'd love to get some ideas!
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