Sunday stroll with my family riding the coolest bike!

Okay, are you blown away yet?  Well, get ready because you're about to be blown away even more.  This child-carrier bike also turns into a stroller in less than 30 seconds.  Yes, I am for real, see it for yourself!

This lady in this official video for Taga did it in 20 seconds but psh, whatever, she probably practiced a thousand times to perfect her meticulous time and effortless conversion, while I filmed mine with no practice.  PSH.  Whatever.  But who's comparing anyway?  Certainly not me. :D

I am here to review the coolest invention I've come across for parents, the Taga Bikes.  I've had this baby for a little over a year so I feel like I'm a Taga Bikes expert!  The people behind Taga Bikes had a genius idea of putting the best of both worlds of a bike and a stroller in one.  They didn't want to compromise on functionality, design, and quality so it took them 4 years to perfect it to be the Taga Bikes it is today.  All their work has been paying off because Taga Bikes has won numerous awards for their outstanding design and innovations.  Many celebrities have been spotted riding Taga bikes such as Matthew Mcconaughey, Tori Spelling, and Kelly Rutherford(the mom from The O.C, remember that show?)  I love the idea of riding with my child in the bike and going to a store and not having to leave the bike behind and locking it but converting it into a stroller in 30 seconds to take it into the store with me.  I have 3 children so that hasn't happened yet but just knowing that I could gives me the satisfaction, if that even makes sense? :)

This eco-friendly bike is a three-wheel bike which makes it very sturdy and easy for anyone to ride, even for people who don't know how to ride a bike.  My 5 and 6 year old daughters who haven't been taught how to ride a two-wheel can ride it without a fuss and they love taking turns riding the bike.  The adjustment for lowering/highering the bike seat is very effortless and simple that my girls have figured it out themselves just by watching me do it.  There are 3-gears for the bike and it is not meant to ride as fast as a regular bike or ride on steep hills I found.  It is perfect for a leisure stroll on flat roads with your children.  I found it difficult to pedal up the hill with my 40 lb. child in front of me, so I usually get off the bike and push up the hill.  Going downhill is a dream and it's our favorite part!  It rides very smoothly and steers easily and I love that I can constantly see my child and talk to him/her and feel close to them.  

Taga Bikes offers many accessories such as(going clockwise) a second child seat, a basket, perfect to go alone to go grocery shopping, a Graco adapter, Maxi Cosi adapter, rain cover, and a double wooden seat.  It just keeps getting cooler, doesn't it?  There is a weight limit on these(the main child seat that comes with the bike has a 33 lbs. weight limit on a stroller mode and a 55 lbs. weight limit on a bike mode) so check out their website and click on the ? sign to see the weight limit for each accessory.

It's also good to note that while Taga bikes does offer two in one of a stroller and a bike, it's mainly meant to be used as a bike, with the option of using it as a stroller.  When in stroller mode the front two wheels don't turn and it steers just like a jogging stroller, so you have to push the handles to lift up the front two wheels every time you want to make a turn.  The bike is quiet heavy already at 52.9 lbs. so with a child in the seat on top of that makes it a little tedious to go about and maneuvering through the stores and the aisles.  But take into account the hassle of bringing a stroller with you when you want to bike with your child instead of driving in a car, and the complaint quickly goes away because it just ain't possible to bring a stroller with you when biking.  My husband would say otherwise with his guns and all but I say that ain't ever happening with me!  So if you plan on using this as a stroller more than a bike, I think you will be disappointed and I wouldn't recommend getting one.  But if you plan on using it mostly as a bike, you will absolutely love it!

My kids LOVE it and always beg me to pick them up from school with it.  If you love the attention, you'll love riding the Taga Bikes, and if you don't, you are going to have to step out of your comfort zone by a lot because this will turn heads from almost every person and people will stop and ask you questions.  Every place I have taken this bike I have had people stop and admire and ask questions.  One time at the BCBG store in Park City, I was pushing my child in the Taga in stroller mode and every single lady in that store(there were about 8) all stopped and admired at it and told me it was the coolest looking stroller they have ever seen.  I wish I videotaped their reaction when I told them it also converts into a bicycle in 30 secs.!  You can't just leave it at that and leave it to their imagination so of course I happily converted the stroller into a bike right inside the store.  The ladies went wild taking pictures and sending it to their friends/husbands/boyfriends.  I love meeting new people and getting to know many variety of people so I am always happy to answer their questions or convert it into a bike or a stroller mode for them right then and there.

The price of this bike comes at $1,495, with free shipping and no tax to U.S buyers.  It isn't cheap and it's definitely an investment.  It is very sturdy and high quality so I believe it will last you a very long time with well maintenance.  From the 14 months I've owned it, we, as in my husband only had to pump only one of the tires once.  But keep in mind that I got this right before I had the baby and I'm still adjusting to 3 kids a year later, so we haven't used it on a regular basis, or as much as I'd like to.  

Taga Bikes is offering my readers a free rain cover with a purchase of the bike using the code: STYAU100.  Just add the bike and the rain cover in your cart and enter the code in the coupon box on the payment page.  Check out www.tagabikes.com for more information.

Thank you Taga Bikes for sending me a sample for this review!  I was not compensated to write this review and as always, all opinions are my own.

*for those of you that asked, my overalls are from Romwe.


His & hers Sunday best

His outfit: shirt: gifted | pants | bow-tie | moccasins 

Her outfit: top | skirt | bag: Brahmin similar here & here | shoes: vintage find

It is getting so difficult to take a picture of Aiden sitting still.  This guy is moving and squirming everywhere, every minute!  I told my daughter to carry him and put him on his lap, and I managed to get one picture before he squirmed away.  He is going to walk any minute now but I'm in no hurry for him to walk, I already watch him every second of the day to make sure he's safe, can you imagine my anxiety when he starts walking?


Random smidgens of our lives

my favorite fortune cookie yet.
 I love this picture, Aiden is smiling at me!  
(My dress from Oasap, sandals from Target)

We went to our friends' daughter's 1st birthday party where everyone participated in a color fight!  There was a "no throwing on the face" rule but that didn't stop people from throwing it in my face!  I specifically remember getting hit really hard right on my face twice, one slapping my cheek and the powder going all inside my mouth.  Jay won't admit it but I have my suspicions.  And this picture above?  I love my kids' matching pissed off faces. 

We went to the Orem recreation center for their grand opening of the indoor pool.  I don't know why I keep taking my kids without my husband to go swim, I am in a constant paranoia and watching them like a hawk, worrying that they'll drown or swallow water and have secondary drowning later on.  It's the most stressful thing that I keep doing for the sake of my kids!

Adi my photo-bomber.  My swimsuit from here.
My husband keeps saying, "Mrs. Santa had a brilliant idea of buying this dollhouse for the girls for Christmas but Mrs. Santa hasn't helped much with assembling it!"  But it's slowly coming together, we are 5 hrs. down, 35 more hours to go!

But aren't these dollhouse miniatures the cutest?  the gold bird cage is one of my favorites.  I got the miniatures here.

Went to girl's camp for our church(I am a Young Women's teacher to my amazing 16-17 yr. olds) for one day/
Creepy Tom.  That's what people called him but there was just something about him, I tell ya.

My mom, my sister, and our 6 kids and I went to the Tangent outlet mall to do some shopping.  Adi(on the left) was all red-eyed because I wouldn't buy her ice-cream at the Chocolate Factory.  $4 for a scoop of ice-cream?  No way.
Aiden enjoyed his rice crispy treats.  
My sister has two girls and a boy just like me in all similar ages!  It's so awesome!
Adi the photobomber.
(My dress from h&m, sandals from target)
Catching a movie with my sister late at night after we put our 6 kids to bed.  It's the only time we can have a girl's night together.  I brought Häagen-Dazs ice-cream & my $3 popcorn bucket to save money. We watched The fault in our stars and it was pretty good.  

The end.