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Sunday Best

I wanted to put make up on and try a subtle smokey eye but didn't have the time, I just did my eyebrows and put blush on my cheeks while we drove to our church literally 1/2 a mile away.  I wanted to put my hair up in that cute braid crown style I've seen people do on Pinterest but I didn't have the time.  I also wanted to try on another pair of gold strap heels that are a lot more simple to see which one would look better with my outfit, but didn't have the time.  I got 3 kids ya'll!  How am I suppose to find the time?  I honestly don't understand how people have fashion blogs and have the perfect hair, perfect shoes, and the perfect makeup every single day.  I can barely do a fashion post once a week on Sundays when I have to get ready for church anyway!  And I'm wondering, are there any fashion bloggers out there with multiple kids?  Maybe they're all childless or have just one child?  It would make so much more sense.  


Gold + Plaid

Banana Crush Slush recipe

Today I'll be sharing with you this refreshing recipe, banana crush slush!  My MIL would make this banana crush slush for my husband on special occasions growing up and it's become our family favorite.  This recipe has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #MingleNMix #CollectiveBias

Banana crush slush recipe

You know those recipes your mom made for while growing up and you get married and you're like, "Hey, my mom used to make this recipe, it's really good and I miss it, I need to ask my mom for the recipe!" and you incorporate the recipe into your family dinners?  This is one of them for my husband.  He said his mom would only make this drink on special occasions and him and his siblings would scream in excitement(he was like 18, just kidding, he was a little boy).  I think foods our moms and dads used to make for us growing up tastes even better because we have a sentimental attachment to it and is associated with memories of our childhood and feelings of nostalgia.  So sometimes when he says the above and gets the recipe from his mom and I make it for our family, I taste it and I think, yeah, it's not that good, but he loves it because it brings back memories for him.  Well, this recipe is different, I really do like this one!

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