Date with my daughter

My oldest daughter and I went on a mother-daughter date to Gloria's Little Italy.  She got to pick out the desserts of her choice and I listened to her talk about everything that's going on in her life.  She gets so excited to have one on one time with me and talks the whole time.  Seriously, she doesn't stop talking.  And when she talks, she's really loud because she's so excited.  And I love it.

When we parked and was walking to the restaurant, she saw this sign for the play and immediately exclaimed, "Mommy, mommy!  Can we go see this show with the naked man with diapers?"  She thought it was the funniest thing.  I told her no so on our way back to the car, she demanded that I take a picture of it so we can go show daddy so she can ask him if he would take her to go see the show.  And everyday since whenever we pass by the street, she asks me to go drive by the "naked man with diapers" and starts cracking up.  She makes my life so much more fun.  I cannot imagine my life without my little boo.

What do mothers do all day?

I was just telling my husband last night how discouraging it is that from the moment I wake up until he gets home from work, I am up on my feet and constantly moving, constantly busy and doing things for our children and yet when he comes home, the house is often times messy and I don't have dinner ready on the table, and it doesn't look like I did much that day.  That all the work I do can't be measured or proven, there's no charts or certificates to measure my accomplishments.  Before I had my 3rd child, the house was almost always clean and a hot dinner was ready on the table when he walked in the door.  Now with 3 children, especially with a very clingy infant, that just doesn't happen anymore!  I know I should just accept it but I am having a hard time.  I feel guilty that the house isn't spotless clean.  I feel guilty that the girls don't get as much attention and time or one on one time.  I feel guilty that there's always laundry to be washed, or laundry in the washer that I forgot to transfer to the dryer, or clean clothes that needs to be folded and put away.  I know I should relax and just accept the fact that I can't do it all anymore with 3 kids, but I still try and feel guilty for failing every time because it really is impossible.  

So I told him that even though the house is a mess and the dinner isn't made a lot of the times when he gets home, I promise I was busy!  I promise I was up and about doing productive things all day!  But he doesn't see all the things I do, and comes home to a messy home and I wonder if he thinks, "What did she do all day?"  Then today my husband mentioned this video and told me it reminded him of me.  That even though I might get discouraged because no one truly sees all the things I do in the house, he knows I do a ton of work and he appreciates everything I do.  That he is so grateful to have a mother like me for his children.  It feels so good to have recognition as a mother because we don't get much from the world.  I love my sweet husband and I love this video for making mothers feel pretty awesome!  And if you are a dad, this applies to you too!  My husband is just as dedicated and involved in the parenting, I just happen to stay at home with them while he goes to work.  But that's not to say he doesn't work very hard at work and at home.  So I wanted to share it with you and in case you are feeling guilty or not good enough as a parent, you are truly amazing.  Working parents and stay-at-home parents, we are the same.  We are all parents doing the best we can in trying to raise good citizens.  I promise you that God recognizes every thing you do for your family.  Every deed we do for our home will not go unrecognized in Heaven.  


Disney Frozen birthday party

yes, I matched my dress to the event, especially the snowflake backdrop.  For real, I really did! ;)

What little girl doesn't love Frozen?  But my daughter Ana loves it even more because she has the same name as the Princess!  I let my children pick out the theme every time and this year for her 5th birthday, Ana chose the theme Frozen.  

Everyone received a simple invitation{free printable here}, and when the party started and the guests were arriving, a table was set with a plethora of Frozen coloring pages for them to color.  I printed out a ton of variety of all the characters from the movie, probably 20 different kinds to accommodate the boys as well{click here, here, and here to get the free coloring pages}.  After the kids were done coloring, we made snowmen using regular sized and mini marshmallows, mini m&m's, skewers and toothpicks, rolos and mini oreos, and chocolate frosting{adapted the hat idea from here}.  Then they got to eat it and afterwards we played pin the Olaf's nose.  I purchased a white poster paper and drew Olaf with a black permanent marker and Ana helped me color it.  I cut out carrot shaped nose for each guest and put double sided tape on the back.  Each guest was blind folded and spun 10 times before being set free to pin Olaf's nose.  One pinned the brick wall instead, one went inside the house and pinned the nose on the table, and one guest pinned the nose on my butt!  Everyone thought that was so hilarious and the kids couldn't stop laughing!  We then had treats of snowmen treats{free printables here}, powdered donuts representing the body of the snowman, mini m&m's for the buttons and the eyes, pretzel sticks representing the arms, and baby carrots representing the nose, and melted snowman water bottle(free printable here}, hot chocolate bar with homemade whipped cream, candy cane sticks, and variety of chocolate dipped spoons(you melt chocolate chips in the microwave in 30 sec. increments, and when it's smooth and melted, dip the plastic spoon in the bowl and top it with toppings such as marshmallows, crushed candy cane, chocolate chips. do the same for caramel dipped spoons).  After the guests ate, we did one last activity of crystal painting{mix equal amounts of epsom salt and hot water, dip the painbrush in it and use it like paint!  when it dries it will crystallize.  It's mess-free and the kids loved it!}.  We finished the party with the birthday cake{ordered from Macey's grocery store} and opening the presents. 

The cost of the birthday party:

-Printables: $2.34 (free printable, then used Sam's club to print out 18 prints of 4x6 photo at 13 cents each)
-Birthday cake: $23 (from Macey's grocery store)
-Table setting: $4 (2 table covers, one from the dollar store, one from Party City)
-Snow flakes back drop: $3 (used the snowflakes I already had from the dollar store, white paper, and silver wrapping paper)
-Hot chocolate bar: $13
-Building snowman with candy activity: $15
-Epsom salt painting activity: $10
-Pin the Olaf activity: $3
-Treats: $16
-Photography: free(I took all the photos)
TOTAL: $89.34

I set a budget of $100 for all of my kids' birthday parties, and while I went a little bit over last year for my daughter's Power Ranger birthday party, I was under the budget this year by $10.  We had 18 of Ana's friends over, so this was a party for 20 kids for under $90!