We take a staycation to Park City every year and this year was awesome! We swam outdoors when it was FREEZING, made snow angels several times while in our bathing suits(it’s a cool feeling, you should try it!), made smores and more!

What’s your must do’s in Park City? Ours is to go to The Montage for their s’mores from 4:30-5:30 pm, they do it everyday and you don’t have to be staying at their hotel to enjoy the s’mores, anyone is welcome!(We’ve stayed at The Montage several times in the past and only enjoyed the s’mores when we were guests but my friend told me she goes there every time she visits Park City! So we took her word for it and sure enough, anyone is welcome). They have all kinds of fancy marshmallow flavors such as caramel, cinnamon, strawberry, coffee but our kids’ favorite is the plain original marshmallows. Mine is their caramel. Plan to bring cash with you since they only offer valet parking.(We usually tip at least $10, $5 when arriving and $5 when leaving.

*We were not sponsored by any brands mentioned in the video.





We took a trip to Moab back in July and it was the most adventurous Moab trip yet! I went a couple years ago for Girl’s Camp when I was a Young Women leader and then when I was in Jr. High with my family. Jay’s been before too but it was our first time for our kids and they loved it so much.


It was a rather scary start though, when we arrived in Moab, it was 9:30 pm and it took us almost 2 hours to find an open campsite! It had rained a ton that day so the streets were flooded and we passed a street but then turned around to go back and just within that 3 minutes period, a rock slide happened right on the road we had just passed and turned back to go through, with giant rocks in the middle of the road. Watch the video to see it and all our other adventures such as me jumping off a 30.ft cliff!


Places we stayed at:
Moab Under Canvas 

Red cliffs Lodge 

River rafting with Red River Adventures 

Riding with Cliff Hanger Jeep Rental 

Visisted Moab Giants 

Ate at Milts Stop & Eats, The Spoke on Center and lots and lots of slurpees and powdered donuts from 7-11.




*Special thanks to these companies for hosting us, our trip was the most memorable and enjoyable thanks to you!






We are off to Disney Social Media Moms! Follow me on YouTube and Instagram(especially Insta story) for live videos of Disney Social Moms! For the first time ever, it’ll be a 1/2 land, 1/2 sea experience with 2 days at Disney World and 3 days on the Disney Cruise to the Bahamas!




We surprised our kids to go to Universal Studios to visit the Harry Potter land for our Fall break! My girls and I recently finished watching all of the Harry Potter movies and they told me that if they could go anywhere they wished, if would be to the Harry Potter land. ANYWHERE in the world and they said Harry Potter Land. So as you can see, they are true HP fans. So Jay and I made it happen and it was so much fun. Again, just like the unboxing video of the American Girl doll, I was probably more excited than the kids, but what can I say? I am a kid at heart! I love the reaction from my kids when we surprised them with the news & their cute dances.

Jay isn’t a Harry Potter fan but he got the Harry Potter audio book so we could listen to it on our road trip which was so sweet, and even he enjoyed The Harry Potter World, especially the butterbeer, he got a second serving and kept saying how good it was.

We also got to see my sister and her kids and eat some amazing food. I am a California girl at heart!




Thank you Universal Studios for providing us with the front of the line passes! The Front line passes got us in immediately to all the rides without waiting in any line which was so worth it! Our friends whom are big Harry Potter fans recommended it to us saying it’s worth every penny.