Life is Beautiful: my talented readers


my talented readers

i will be posting my DIY project on tuesday.
(i finished them today but by the time i finished it, it was dark
and i like taking pictures of my finished projects using natural light. :)

but i want to showcase some of my talented readers who have used
some of my tutorials and made their own DIY projects!

by emilia

by kelley

by martha

from my j.crew flutter fold shell top
by aubree

didn't they all turn out so beautiful?
i hope you don't mind me showing you guys off! ;)

(these were all notified to me by them or their readers, or i found them on my own. if you've done any DIY's using my tutorials, i'd love to see it so please email it to sarahmchoi(at) !)


  1. The ruffled flower top version by Kelley is great! I want to redo mine for it to look more like a flower. Thanks for featuring us Sarah!

  2. You are so amazingly talented and i just admire your work so much. I am always in awe of what you create. thanks for sharing so all of us can learn.. Hugs Anne

  3. Its awesome to see that people are becoming more brave and trying out and taking advantage of the DIY trend. Your tutorials are awesome!

  4. So happy to be featured! Keep up your great work... You are obviously so inspiring to a lot of us! :-)

  5. I don't mind one bit! Thanks for the shout out!

  6. love all your creations! Definitely super talented unlike some of us out there (me). I have a quick question...what sewing machine do you use? and do you like it? worth it? I'm trying to invest in one that will last me years.

  7. i have a husqvarna viking sewing machine. it's the most simple sewing machine (quiet ghetto too actually with permanent marker drawings by the kids all over it) but it's a good brand i think. hope that helps!


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