Life is Beautiful: I used to want to conquer the world, now I just want to pee alone.


I used to want to conquer the world, now I just want to pee alone.

When I am taking a shower, the girls follow me to the bathroom to talk to me and I have to entertain them.

When I am going #2 in the bathroom, I have to put Aiden in a bumbo chair so he's stuck with me and can't crawl anywhere(poor guy, he has no choice).  The girls on the other hand do have a choice and can go as far as they please from me since I am going eh hem, #2, but more often than not, they choose to come hang out right next to me the whole time.  

Sometimes I just want to yell, "STOP!  Let me just shower alone and have some peace!  Go away, let me just poo in peace, I can't even poop by myself???" But then I think, how long will this last where my kids love me and want to hang out with me so much they follow me to the bathroom?  How long will this last when they don't care that it smells and it doesn't bother them because their desire to be next to me is stronger than the smell?  One day, soon enough, I'll be begging them to spend some more time with me, to come to the bathroom with me when I'm going #2 and they would get so grossed out and never in a million years come inside the bathroom?  It will happen soon enough.  And when that day comes, I am going to cry.  Just visualize me sitting on the toilet, all by myself, wiping my sad tears away that no one wants to come hang out with me and watch me poop.  Attractive, right?  So while sometimes I want to scream and say leave me alone!, I remember this and cherish these moments with them instead.  


  1. haha! I was thinking this the other day (the be alone while on the pot) when ben came in asking "up, up" while i was sitting there. hahaa.

  2. Yeah my little one pulls up on the seat right next to me and I have to throw things for him to fetch like a dog whilst I do my business!

  3. Hi!!!! Yep and when you have company they open the bathroom door for everyone to see?!!!! Yep it happened to me!!!! Bad thing was I could not reach the door from where I was...luckily my mom and stepdad just laughed....glad it wasn't neighbors or work friends!!!!! Someday you will really miss it!!!!! And then there will be Grand children to start it all over again!!!!!! Hee hee

    1. Oh my goodness, that's terrible and so embarrassing!!! hahaha I love it!


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