Life is Beautiful: My heart melts...


My heart melts...

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So I've been a little moody lately if you can't tell, but the good news is that my morning sickness is gone, hooray!  I'm happy most of the time but the tiniest thing will make me cry or really irritated or both.  Yesterday I yelled at my daughter when she asked a sassy question for the 4th time demanding a reason why I told her she couldn't do a certain thing, and I went to my room and cried.  I felt like such a horrible mother!  My patience level is down to zero and I hate it.  I know I don't have control over my emotions lately but I do have control over how I act with those emotions.  It gives me no excuse to yell at my children.  Oh, how I thought raising kids was hard when they were under 3 1/2 and couldn't really voice out their feelings or opinions! At least I know my girls are very persistent and smart and dang good with their words and sure know how to use their words to debate or make me eat my own words or actions! My mom told me I was just like them, always cleverly using my words to prove my case so she's probably smiling inside and saying it's payback time!  Later, I apologized to my daughter and told her I was sorry and how it wasn't her fault, and even when I do yell at her, I love her and I never stop loving her.  I cried while telling her that too, dang you hormones!  

Even though at times I get frustrated with myself with this whole motherhood thing, those moments are rare compared to the joy I feel of being a mother.  Especially when there are moments like this.

-"Mama, mama! my poop wasn't coming out and it hurted so I prayed to Heavenly Father and then my poop came out and it wasn't hurted!" little Ana recently told me.

-One morning when we were all having a morning cuddle as a family, I asked the girls what they did right when they woke up.  Adi said, "I woke up first, and then Ana, and we gave each other a morning kiss.  And then we talked."

-"Mommy, mommy, I love you more than you love me because I love you all the way to Jesus, all the way to Hawaii, all the way around the world, to the highest sky in the universe!" Adi told me one night before bedtime.

-"Mommy, you and daddy make really cute kids, so I can't wait to see your new baby when it comes out of your belly!"  Adi told me while she was rubbing my belly one afternoon.

Happy Valentine's everybody!

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  1. Your family is so cute and you are stunning. My favorite kind of posts are the ones where you talk about your sweet girls. :-)

  2. É uma fase difícil, mas pode ser superada com amor. Que Deus abençoe a sua família.

  3. So sweet! I know the feelings of emotions! I am in my 3rd trimester and I can't seem to help but cry when I'm happy or the littlest things like dirty dishes make me cry! But your family is so adorable and your little girls are the cutest!

  4. Very cute pics and very cute little phrases from your girlies!

  5. Okay that poop comment is pretty much the cutest thing ever! I'm sure she'll appreciate that little tidbit of info when she's a teenager. hahaha! too funny.


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