Life is Beautiful: Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!

Yesterday was a Chinese/Korean new year, and we gathered with many people near the Lindon boat harbor for a sky lantern release.  I knew the girls would love to see a bunch of sky lanterns fly up the sky just like the movie Tangled and we watched Tangled earlier in the day to get them even more excited.  Well, nothing went right that evening.  We got lost and realized we were on the other side of the boar harbor so by the time we back tracked and went to the right location, it was all over.  We went anyway and it was freezing, much colder than we expected and the girls were complaining how cold it was which irritated me since we told them many times it was going to be cold and they needed to layer up.  One of my sweet, always obeying daughters refused to layer up and she was just shaking.  We decided to fly our lanterns anyway and we brought 10 lanterns, and we tried 5 of them, but none of them flew.   It was too windy and the sky lanterns I bought on Amazon were no good.  I took 2 pictures with our camera and then the battery died so I took the rest with my iPhone.  We were suppose to meet up with our friend there but I couldn't find her because there were so  many people and it was really dark, and we were also so late.  

If it was a normal me, I would've brushed it off and said(with sarcasm), "That was fun, I'm so glad everything went so right!  Now, who wants to go get hot chocolate?" and be perfectly fine, but I'm not normal these days,  I'm a 16 1/2 weeks pregnant woman.  That means the world is over.  I got in the car so bitter and angry.  I drank my hot chocolate all bitter and angry.  I told Jay I was so angry and I didn't know why, but I was just so angry!  Then I realized, I know why, I am pregnant, that's why!  And I remembered how moody I got when I was pregnant before, and I had completely forgotten about it until last night.  Oh, the joy of miraculously forgetting everything that has to do with having a baby until you experience it all over again!  Well, realizing that made me more angry and I felt like I was tricked and there must be a big conspiracy going on that makes woman get pregnant over and over again.  No one tells you any of these things, not your doctors, your nurses, your birthing class, nobody!  

I woke up today feeling totally fine, so I need to remember how I get when I feel tired and needing more sleep.  Do any of you get moody and angry and irritated easily while being pregnant?  Or is it just me......?


  1. ugh. Can't wait to be pregnant now :P your girls look adorable :) I hope, despite the cold, they had fun!

  2. this was so funny!! i love your posts. i would get angry, but then it would always end in tears!lol with me thinking how horrible i was, and my husband was so angelic for putting up with me!lol i am not pregnant now, and totally sane, so i can tell you with all honesty-- you are normal!lol :D hang in there little mama!

  3. i love you sarah, this made me laugh out loud.

  4. :-) I so recognize your story! Hormones do play awful tricks on you when you're pregnant. I used to have such large mood swings... From laughing to tears to being angry, and especially realizing that it is because you're pregnant and that you are unable to change your feelings, makes you so frustrated...

  5. I am so sorry your night didn't go right but..remember bad nights make the best stories..well..later anyway. It's those hormones, they'll get you every time. Happy New Year.

  6. I hope you're not offended that I laughed out loud at the bugs!
    I get crazy mood swings just from PMS so I don't even want to imagine what I'd be like pregnant ;) It always helps me to know it's just the hormones acting up though.
    I'm glad you're feeling better now :)


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