Life is Beautiful: I feel loved when...


I feel loved when...

sequin dress: romwe c/o| jacket: banana republic| tights: american eagle| boots: urban outfitters

I feel loved when my kids try to match me.  Adi sang in a choir at our church on Sunday(which she did so beautifully), and when we were getting dressed, she wanted to match me exactly so she wore a gold sparkly dress, black jacket, black tights, and black shoes.  She was very worried about not having black shoes to match me and tried to talk me into wearing brown boots, but at last we found some black sandals she had that we forgot about.  As I was putting the sandals on Adi, I asked her, "Is it too small?" and she replied, "It's tight...but, but it's okay mommy! I will just wear it so we can be same same!"


  1. That is BEYOND adorable!

  2. You have such a sweet family.

  3. Just too adorable!

  4. That's so sweet! Girls are so fun :)

  5. That is too sweet, and the two of you look fantastic. :)

  6. Pain in the name of matchin'! You both look so adorable!


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