Life is Beautiful: I love you day.


I love you day.

(my red pants c/o oasap.  they're the most flattering pants i've ever owned 
and i didn't even try it on before buying it, who would've thought?)

1. treats for adi's class(white chocolate macadamia cookies+hershey kisses+skittles.) 
2-3. little gifts for the girls.  aren't those the cutest erasers you've ever seen?
4. made a heart shaped pizza and dipped things in chocolate with my girls.
5-7. went to ikea to get umbrellas the girls have been asking for weeks, and ate dinner there.
8. crème brûlée made by jay.
9. strawberry cake made by me.
10. the competition is ON!

every year i like to think of fun, cheap ideas for our valentine gifts for each other because to me, the  almost-didn't-cost-anything, handmade presents are the most sweet and meaningful and i prefer those over any expensive things.  so this year we threw down a "iron chef" competition between the two of us on who will make the best dessert.  we decided our two girls will be the judges who gets to decide the winner.  we are both very competitive with each other and like to make bets on everything and anything so the game was on!  i made mine the day before valentine's day and jay made his at 6 a.m before he went to work.  

long story short, guess who won.  oh yeah, baby! 

even though the girls weren't big fans of the crème brûlée, i do have to be honest and say i think his was better than mine.  it was his first time making them and it was the best crème brûlée i've ever had.  but that doesn't matter and what matters is that i won!  whoop whoop!  in yo' face!  i mean, i love you, hun. ;)

but i really do love you.  a lot, a lot.  thanks for being my valentines. 

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  1. Your girls are adorable! And that cake looks pretty awesome hehe.

    OK, probably bad that I now know about oasap - free shipping worldwide! Eeek!

    Talitha xx

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  3. Hello Sarah, nice to meet you. I've been reading your blog for a while, it is great and you are sooo talented!

    Just to say I love the new layout with the pictures on top, gorgeous family you have!

  4. @talitha, yeah, isn't it such a cute site? :)

    @flavholman, thank you so much, you are so sweet! Thank you for reading my blog and it's nice to meet you too! ;)


  5. Great photos and adorable ideas for Valentine's gifts! :) I used to love those little erasers when was young, too.

  6. Sunja, I wish I had them when I was growing.up! :)


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