Life is Beautiful: end of summer


end of summer

every year when summer's coming to an end and fall is approaching near,
i feel like all i do is eat, like some wild animal getting ready to hibernate
for the winter.  now that i come to think of it, that would be awesome
if humans hibernated too, don't you think?  just eat heaps amount of food
and then sleep for the whole season? 
(especially if you're not a big fan of winter and live in ut like me)

anyway, that was my deep thought for the day.
i'm sure all of you feel very enlightened. ;)
1-2: seven peaks on a date w/ my husband, 3-4: burger supreme for dinner, 5-6: dairy queen,
7-8: fruit pizza, dinner w/ friends(& their husbands) on labor day, 9: king crabs,
10: sunday dinner: schezwan chicken stir fry pasta(now our family's new favorites!)


  1. eonni... tat means sis !!??!!(i learnt from korean movies tat r so popular in my place) ur post..tat pic of schez. pasta looks mouth watering..pls share d recipe..kamsahnamida..big huggs from nagaland,india

  2. Haha yes eonni(also spelled unni :) means older sister/older girl that's a friend)! I will share the recipe on a future post for sure. And dang, you know your korean good! ;)


  3. I know what you mean! And we never did another 7 peaks day :(

  4. korean is courtesy of all d korean movies :)) addicted hahaa..

  5. @amy: i know! but let's get together anyway soon please!
    @donching: i'm watching pink lipstick right now, lol. it's pretty good. :D


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