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Welcome to Life is Beautiful!  My name is Sarah and this is a blog where I chronicle my life as a wife to my husband Jay, a mother to two girls, my sewing/DIY adventures, among other things that I feel are significant to my life.  I try to write about the beauty in life as well as the frustrations, my triumphs as well as my fails, and the joys of marriage and motherhood, as well as the hardships and frustrations while having a positive outlook on life... most of the time.

This blog was initially started by my husband shortly after we gave birth to our daughter Adi in November of 2007.  A friend told him that we can't call ourselves true parents until we start a blog that documents our baby's every milestone. ;)  Then in the Spring of 2010, I started to sew the old clothes I had in my closet and transform them into up-to-date pieces and posted them on the blog which started to draw in wonderful readers like yourself!  Since then, we gave birth to another baby girl Ana in March 2009, and then we got a dog for Christmas in 2011 and named him Achilles.  Jay was adamant that it be a male dog and named him the most manly name possible, which I'm sure was in order for him to feel more balanced out in this female crazy/moody hormone family. Actually, he gave me the ultimatum that it's either our dog or our future son who would get the name so I chose our dog. We welcomed our third child, our sweet little boy in July 2013 and since Achilles was already taken(whew!), we named him Aiden. Adjusting to life with 3 kids has been so chaotic and difficult at times but it's also brought us more joy, laughter and fulfillment than ever before. We are far, far from perfect but we love each other deeply and put God, marriage and family in our highest priority, and believe a home is the closest thing to heaven on earth.  

So welcome to this blog, and thank you so much for reading along!
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