Life is Beautiful: Meeting Mr.Claus


Meeting Mr.Claus

Aiden was unimpressed with Mr. Claus.  But maybe it was because we had just woken him up prior to the picture and he had no idea what was going on.  He is Mr. Smiles and will smile at anyone that makes eye contact with him, and I wish we had taken a picture of him looking at Santa and smiling!  I felt rushed by my husband because he didn't want to take too much time since there was a line behind us(and also he hates pictures and rushes me every time pictures are involved), but I am so so bummed I didn't think to do it.  I guess there's always next year and I hope my little boy will still be Mr. Smiles then.  

Perhaps another reason why Aiden was unimpressed was because he was just following Mr. Claus.  Doesn't Santa took so bored and unimpressed?  Or pissed off and angry even?  He looked just like that in every single picture we took!  Maybe he is smiling beneath his long white beard but he just needs to take a lesson from Tyra Banks and work on his smizing.


  1. lol! I never really comment on blogs but I thought this was hilarious!! My friend from home (New Zealand) has a picture with Santa and he looks so mad as well!! Like, your santa pic looks like hes HAPPY compared to her sons pic with Santa haha. I think I found your page through pinterest :)

  2. That santa looks like he drank something!! The adorableness of Aiden makes up for it~ Looks like your husband had shoulder surgery, wishing you guys fast recovery! Happy new year to your family :)



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