Life is Beautiful: NY- Rochester & Rose Water


NY- Rochester & Rose Water

While in Rochester, NY, I visited my oldest brother Joseph and his adorable family.  We visited the Eastman School of Music and went to a recital held by their students and enjoyed their beautiful buildings.  My adorable niece was my little shadow for two days, following me everywhere and wanting to play with me, which was awesome since I was missing my girls and I got to cuddle her and spoil her with attention instead. I didn't take much pictures, and she's the reason why!

After Rochester, I flew to NYC to visit my dear cousin Ginny and her husband Colby.  Ginny is my soul mate and one of my favorite people in the whole world.  The first place Ginny and Colby took me to was their favorite brunch place called Rose Water, and oh my goodness, that place was heaven.  I still didn't have my appetite back from morning sickness, but that restaurant did it for me!  My appetite is back now, ya'll!  Appetite back+10 lbs. weight gain in two weeks, I owe it all to Rose Water.  The foods are organic & locally grown, and everything we ordered was perfect.  I highly recommend it to anyone with fine taste.  Wait, have I mentioned yet how much I loved Rose Water? ;)

It was really windy so after attempting to take a few pictures of us, we realized it wasn't gonna happen.  But the wind didn't stop us from exploring this beautiful city!  More pictures to come!

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  1. You just should have called the pictures action shoot. :D
    Seems, you had a wonderful trip.


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