Life is Beautiful: last moments in New York


last moments in New York

My last moments in New York consisted of thrift shopping where I scored many awesome finds, rode the ferry to see the Statue of Liberty while eating a sesame seed bagel & cream cheese(what is it about their bagel that makes it so good?), and eating at Mono Mono, an awesome place that plays bunch of records and live jazz music.  Their walls are stacked with old records from floor to ceiling, I wish I had a wall like that at my house!  We ate their mango salad, corn on the cob, and chicken wings, which were all very good. 

I had half a day the next day by myself before I had to catch my flight, and I walked around Times Square and looked for souvenirs for my girls and Jay.  I also went to Mood fabric store, and I was imagining I was one of the designers on Project Runway.  The store was a bit of a disappointment to me however, and I didn't find any fabric I loved.  I guess when your budget isn't $2000, you don't have as many options. ;)  I had fun walking around the store, and imagining the day I'll be able to go to a fashion design school so I will have the ability to execute every design I think of in my head and be just as good as the amazing people in Project Runway.  

New York, see you again soon.

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  1. i always love living vicariously through new york pictures :)


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