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Hello Utah

I'm back from New York!  I got back a few days ago but I've been busy spending time with my husband and the kids to make up for all the time I've missed!  I cried several times during the trip, especially when I saw little kids around adi & ana's age, and the parents must have been so freaked out by this strange girl sitting across from them in the train, starring at their kids with a big grin on her face and intense longing in her eyes to just grab and hold them and to give them a piece of candy or a toy while telling them how special they are.  

While I missed my family everyday, I'm not gonna lie, it was soooooooo nice to just take care of myself instead of someone else.  Two words to sum up my 5 day break would be peaceful, and rejuvenating.  It was such a nice break, and I pondered a lot, read a lot of scriptures, and made many goals to be a better person/wife/mother.  I came back home energized and refreshed and couldn't wait to see my family!

A big thanks to my husband for making sure all my plane rides were windows seats, a touching card he had me open only when I got on the plane that made me cry, not only taking excellent care of the girls, but being genuinely excited to spend 24/7 with them for 5 days, and for letting me come back home to a spotless, meticulously clean home, and this amazing chore chart he made.  I'll show you guys later, but seriously, I came back to these amazing, well behaved, listening when asked only once-kids, and I was speechless.  This goes to show he would make a way better mother than me, and I'm so grateful we are partners in parenting.  Now, I just need to find a job that will pay me more than his so he can be a stay at home dad!  


  1. Glad you got the rest you needed! All mommies need a "time out" from time to time to fall in love with their calling again! :) What a sweet hubby you have!!!!

  2. that is so sweet of your husband! its always wonderful when you can leave and come back rejuvenated in your vocation as wife and mom. :) found your blog a little while it! I'm also a Korean mama to 2 little girls!

  3. What a kind husband you have! I'm glad you got a nice break -- and got to sightsee in beautiful New York! :)


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