Life is Beautiful: We are back!


We are back!

We are back from a 7 day vacation in California!  Our trip started in St. George where we stopped to visit our newly-wed friends Jesse & Becky, then to San Diego to visit another dear friend Janie and then to Legoland!

I couldn't ride any of the rides(baby+nausea), so Jay rode all the rides with the girls.
I tried to get him to ride the pony ride, but he wouldn't.  
apple fries- a must try at Legoland!
this was my favorite part of Legoland, the Lego city!  the boats moved along the water, along with the other transportation systems like the train & the buses.  the girls were in love too, every other second they said, "daddy!  could you build us one exactly like this in our backyard, pleeeeease?
the last picture is a ride where you race with the others to see who can ride the fire truck the fastest by pumping on the levers, then in the end you have to aim the water hose to put out the fire on a two-story building with a person inside of it.  at first, Jay went with just the girls while I watched and they got last place.  so my competitive side kicked in and forget about my nausea- I was determined to join them and do the race!  

and guess who won the second round- the Tyau team!  Go team TYAU!!! ;) you should've seen this pregnant lady jumping up and down pumping that lever!

*We would recommend Legoland to families with kids 10 and younger.  Maybe even 8 or younger.  It's definitely catered more to little kids, and if our kids were a lot older, I think they would've gotten a little bored since the rides were very little-kid friendly and not for the big kids. 


  1. How fun! We don't care that much about taking our family to Disney, but would LOVE to do Legoland someday!

  2. Legoland is soooo fun! I've been to the one in Germany during a summer vacation and it was such a great trip!

    1. Wow, didn't know they had one in Germany! I would love to visit Germany one day!

  3. Looks like a really fun vacation - love that your team won! Us pregnant women are tough hey?!

  4. How fun! I live in SoCal and can't wait to go when my daughter I old enough to appreciate it.

  5. We were super competitive with that fire engine ride too lol :)


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