Life is Beautiful: Knotsberry Farm


Knotsberry Farm

Snoopy hasn't aged much, Adi wit Snoopy and then me (jay) on the right with my lil bro when I was 7.  I was styling back then! top that Sarah.

 all sporting their nike's.  i felt a little left out!
Jay the only one really excited about the ride.
top: romwe c/o | mint jeans: DIY | shoes: target | sunglasses: asos

We went to Knotsberry Farm with all of Jay's cousins and their families who came for the wedding from various places like San Francisco, Hawai'i, and UT.  We also stayed at the same hotel so we got to spend a lot of time with them & I gotta say, Jay's cousins are all really cool. 

I didn't feel too sick as long as I took  my medicine every 2 hrs. and I also took a 2 hr. nap in the car.  But with this whole morning sickness, I have become this quiet, somewhat aloof and anti-social, quiet boring person!  All my friends we met up with kept asking me if I was okay because they weren't used to it.  Being such a boring person lately, I also realized that when I don't have morning sickness, I'm a very fun person to be with.  Haha, yes, I'm totally self proclaiming myself as a fun person.  I told Jay I want to have a big party when my morning sickness is over, and the first thing I'm going to do is go to a really good buffet(Tucano's?) and eat until I feel sick.  Because right now, nothing tastes good, but I'm constantly hungry.  So I open up the fridge and look for what to make, but every single food I think of makes me want to throw up.  But I eat anyway because not eating will make me more nauseous and I'm hungry, but then while I'm eating, I don't enjoy the taste at all which is so unfortunate because eating is usually one of my greatest happiness.  Anyway, I can't wait until food tastes good again!

p.s. we used our bike trailer as a stroller(Jay just unattached the tire wheel in the front) and it was awesome since it was so easy for the girls to get in and get out and there is much storage in the back of the seats & under the seats.  not to mention how easy & smooth it maneuvers.  we highly recommend using a bike trailer at amusement parks or anywhere the kids will need to get in and out frequently, like trick or treating!

p.p.s. jay will give me a hard time if i don't say this so yes, it was his idea to use the bike trailer as a stroller.  so i can't take the credit, it was all him.  (you happy now, hun?:)


  1. Looks so fun! I miss you and our Bachelor nights! When you're feeling better, please come watch the Bachelor with us! It's not the same without yoU!

  2. Morning sickness is so everlastingly miserable, isn't it??!!! Hang in there!!!!


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