Life is Beautiful: Christmas early morning


Christmas early morning

In the middle of the night, Santa visited our house with some presents, ate banana creme pie & milk, and stuffed our stockings too.

the reindeers ate the reindeer food we let for them on our porch!
as usual, the girls woke us up very early in the morning.
Achilles got a toy and a steak for Christmas.  

our brave Merida has been wearing this outfit everyday since.  Including the bow & arrow, gladiator shoes, the wig, glow in the dark wisp earrings, the crown, and the necklace.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!


  1. LoL..she's so precious in that costume. Love the wig!! Happy New Year.

  2. haha that's such a cute costume!
    santa didn't visit my house :( haha


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