Life is Beautiful: snow=coats & scarfs


snow=coats & scarfs

shirt: Korea(DIY'ed) | jacket: anthropologie | 
leopard pants: c/o sheinside | scarf: target |  boots: sears
striped coat: c/o oasap | jeans: f21 | rain boots: ilse jacobsen

There is snow everywhere here.  So we've been snuggling at home with hot chocolate, white chocolate popcorn & movies, and only going out when it's necessary.  But I say bring on the snow, because I got my favorite rain boots on!  They have fur inside so I'm totally wearing it as snow boots, I don't care!(I have it in red too and I am so in love!)

p.s. I'm a little stressed because I'm guest posting for a refashion project this week but I haven't even started, and I have no idea what I'm going to make!  


  1. You look beautiful! And that is a whole lot of snow! I'd be snuggling up and not going out either. :) Good luck on the refashion, you're a talented lady, I have no doubt you'll come up with something fabulous.

  2. Snow already!? Oh my goodness, where are you located?!

    1. I live in UT! So it's very normal here to snow this early. :)

  3. Hey Sarah!
    I think you should do a dress refashion...I always love those. That peplum skirt one was pretty good, too.
    By the way, could you do a post rating various korean clothing brands? I want to buy yesstyle and have already bought some korean fashion, but the quality and rumors of smelly dyes are bugging me.

    1. Hi! The only times I've bought Korean clothes is when I go to Korea. So I wouldn't be the best person to ask that question, sorry!

      Thanks for the refashion tip, I think I'll do a dress refashion after all. I haven't even started, ha! :D


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