Life is Beautiful: One Saturday.


One Saturday.

sweater: old navy | striped sweater skirt: c/o romwe | necklace: h&m | flats: target
hoodie: stole it from my little brother | Dickie Shorts: walmart | NikeFree 5.0: Footlockah

Last Saturday, I went out to lunch with my girlfriends to eat delicious pho' & boba, and laughed the whole 3 hours.  Then we went and watched Wreck-it Ralph which was surprisingly a very good movie.  I wasn't that excited to see it but it ended up being one of the best animations I've seen.  Then we went to dinner at one of our favorite Chinese restaurants, Chen's noodle house.  It was a great Saturday!


  1. Did your husband go to Kahuku? I go to BYUH and we love Kahuku football! i just thought it was crazy to see him wearing that sweater haha

    1. My husband went to Kamehameha but his little brother went to Kahuku! They grew up in Laie. my husband's parents still live there(few blocks away from BYUH), small world!


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