Life is Beautiful: camping



we went camping with our family and cousins at the bridal veil falls,
just about 20 mins. away from our house.  i've always loved camping,
probably because my dad loves to go camping, so growing up we hit all
the major national parks across the country and built many memories doing so.
there's just something about camping that makes you forget about the wordly things
(maybe because there's no phone, computer, internet, or shopping malls there ;)
and remember what's most important like family, friends,
and the beautiful nature God has created.

we went just overnight and it was our girls' very first time camping
and they absolutely loved it.  the only thing my older one cared about or wanted to do
was to roast marshmallows, and my little one didn't even throw any tantrums at all!
i call that a true success. :)

so we told colby(the one w/ the cool stache) and jay to go fetch some wood so jay grabbed
his machete & 30 mins. later, they came back with these ridiculously huge tree logs. 
i mean, who does that?
s'mores with reesse's pieces.  yum.
w/ one of my most dear, loved friends/cousin/soulmate, ginny.
thanks for staying up 'till 4:30 a.m to talk about deep doctrine, and feminism.  i heart you.
ms. A with her dora snuggie

i wish we went camping more this summer! :(

p.s: to prepare ourselves for camping next summer, do you have a favorite camping site? 


  1. aww those cute gals..wit ur n hubby's genes they r gonna b beautiful ofcourse:) n smart ,creative ,genius too all tat from ur side, unni:)

    the fall really worth its name luks like a viel..amazing..gud job mother nature
    luks like u had so much fun...jus day before i was roasting marshmallow on the gas stove n makin some smores

    we love the bowl noodle soup.. Nongshim tats the best brand,i like it better than koka noodles hehe..

  2. ugh I hate camping, it is so much work for just a little fun. We only did it once this year and I was packing all day then cleaning up for like 3 days after. Boo to camping, but that being said, you guys are so cute and it looks like camping with you guys would be fun. Plus Kory really like Jay, and maybe camping with a one year old would be more fun than camping with a 3 month old that insisted she needed to be in bed by 8:30.

    But we went up hobble creek at jolley's ranch canyon, it was really beautiful up there.

  3. I love camping and can't wait to take my kids!
    P.S. Who looks that cute when camping? Seriously you are beautiful!

  4. @donching: i've never tried koka noodles, it must be japanese, it sounds delicious, I LOVE ramen/noodles! and thanks for your sweet comment, you are so nice. :)
    @amy: hmm, i never really thought about it like that, i usually just cook while i let the men do all the labor work hahaha! and we should go camping next year together, i'd love that!
    @naomi mae: oh you are just so kind, thank you. it's just good lighting that's all. :)


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