Life is Beautiful: V-day weekend


V-day weekend

Flashback: Right before Valentine's four years ago I went on a trip to Hawaii with my sister and this beautiful bouquet of flowers was delivered to my hotel room. Jay had arranged to have it sent all the way from UT.
And Jay made this sign and a lei flower made out of straws and colored papers that took him like 1 1/2 hrs. to make. He had planned to wear the lei flower and the sign waiting for me at the airport but the night before I was suppose to come back, I told him to not pick me up because we were broken up and I didn't want to lead him on. Yes I was an idiot. I would do anything to go back in time so that I could see him holding this sign and wearing the necklace! How cute/funny would that have been? That's one of the many things I love about him. He's not afraid or doesn't worry about what other people think when he's declaring his love. :) I tried to find the necklace in our basement but I couldn't find it. I was pretty sad, I searched for it for almost 2 hrs. :( I also cancelled our V-day date where he had brought a diamond necklace to give me. To this day he gives me a hard time for breaking his heart then. I'm truly sorry hun but guess what? I'll always be your Valentine from now on. So stop bringing it up!!! haha.
For our V-day weekend:
We went to the Aquarium.

Ana is at the stage of smiling for pictures just like Adalie was and I love it!
Adi wanted to take her doll Nemo to the Aquarium to go find the real Nemo.
We went to an Asian market and Chipotle afterwards and got lots of delicious food. Then we watched The Box. The most eery, weird movie ever. I hated it. :)
We got Ariana a front-facing car seat! Same same as sister Adalie! She seemed to love it.
We go to In-n-Out once a week so this week wasn't any different. Cheeseburger animal style, fries and strawberry shake!

And Jay surprised me with a date! He told me we were going to a Nu Skin fundraiser party for Haiti and so we got our whole family ready to go and I went into the bedroom to get something and saw a dark human figure in the bathroom and I screamed in horror! The person turned out to be one of my best friends Janie who came to babysit for the night. I think I scared her too by my loud scream. Janie insisted babysitting for us last year too and Gloria came later to help babysit. They're both such amazing, thoughtful friends. Thank you girls, we love you!!!
(And of course Jay had to match me on our date. I think we're the ONLY couple where no one believes Jay when he says, "It was Sarah that tried to match me.")
Then Sunday happened to coincide with the Korean new year so after church we went to my brother's house and ate rice cake soup. Then we had a really nice relaxing day at home.
I made the girls matching headbands and aprons for Valentine's. More pics to come soon. I'm making my apron right now so I can match them too!
It's so hard to take a good picture with both of them looking. :( My Valentine one.
When we were waiting to get seated for dinner Jay told me I could buy anything I want at the mall so I ended up getting a Nemo doll and Mickey Mouse for our two little girls. You know you're becoming an old married lady with kids when you buy something for your kids instead of for yourself. And now I'm thinking why the heck did I do that? Everytime Jay offers me this which doesn't happen often, I end up never getting anything. WHY WHY WHY? Next time... ;) haha nah, I realized I didn't need anything and everything I want and need was right in front of me.
My Valentine two.
My Valentine three. Oh I love them ALL!!! They're the funnest, sweetest, cutest bunches of three I've ever met in my life.


  1. I think it's safe to say that Jay made up for not wearing the flower lei by wearing that mermaid costume for Halloween...but I could be wrong, it could've been his idea to be a mermaid and not yours.

  2. Awwwwww! u guys are always so cute!! I bought fabric a long time ago to make aprons... i never made them hahahaha urs are super cute!! i dont think i can do that advanced sowing u skilled woman u! haha

  3. Those are cute aprons! Good job!! Looks like you guys had a fun Valentine's Day! =)

  4. haha kea it was my idea. so ur right, i guess that counts.... but it was so his idea to wear that tight blue skirt. :D and debbie, whatever, you're the ultimate chef! i'm sure you can sew as well! and thanks jassie boo!


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