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I woke up to a heart shaped french toast and a handmade gift Jay made for me. We put a $10 limit on our Valentine gifts and I had no idea what he was going to make for me but I was seriously so surprised he made me these all by himself! Everytime I picture him making these small earrings with his big macho fingers, it makes me smile.:) I think he did an excellent job and I think they're so beautiful. He didn't make me just one, he made me three!
Me sporting my new bling bling. ;)
They're worth more to me than if it was from Tiffany's.

Then we went to Ruby River, one of our favoritest restaurants and ordered artichoke dip, fried sweet potatoes, iceberg salad, onion soup, and prime rib! Whew, it was A LOT of food. A lot of food=happy Sarah. Then we went to our stake Valentines party. They had live jazz band and great appetizers. UVU Ballroom team came and performed too.
You are wondering what $10 handmade gift I made for him? Well, I was planning on making him a matching beanie for him and Adalie but he told me honestly that he wouldn't ever wear it. So I wanted to make him an apron and match it with me and Adalie's(but more manly of course ;) but he told me he doesn't want an apron. So being a picky picky gift receiver that he is, I decided to play it safe and make him creme brulee, his favorite dessert EVER. To make the long story longer, it took me 3 stores to find the remekins and when I did find it and bought it at a ridiculous price($8 each for a little tiny white bowl) and bought all the ingredients, I realized the night of the Valentines when I was about to make the dessert while Jay was putting Adalie to sleep that I bought whipping cream instead of heavy cream. So I went to the store and when I walked in, I realized I had forgotten my wallet at home so I drove back to get the wallet and came back to the store. And while they had a plethora of whipping cream in stock, the heavy cream was completely out of stock. So having it be late into the night already I did not feel like driving to another store. So I bought ingredients to make chocolate dipped strawberries and Sabrosa, a popular drink I learned to make when I worked at Los Hermanos.
So I get home and I'm ready to make these desserts but Jay was still inside the bedroom with Adalie so I decided to make it when he came out of the room. Well to end the Valentine night in a very romantic way, he never ended up coming out of the room for he had fallen asleep. I waited until a little past midnight and then went to bed. By myself in the basement. Haha.
But it was still one of my top two best Valentines I've ever had in my life. The other one was our first Valentines last year of course. ^ ^ This year would've been our 3rd but I cancelled an hour before our date 3 yrs. ago. But that's a whole another post.

I hope everyone had a great great Valentines day!

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  1. you two are way too adorable. makes me super duper happy. I want to come visit you tomorrow, if you're not giving birth. :)


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